How to Crochet an Easy Winter Hat – Simple Textured Beanie by Naztazia

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’ll show how to crochet an easy winter hat. This video shows a woman’s size but my website has other sizes too. I’m using one skein of Red Heart Heat Wave yarn and a size H
hook. To begin chain 41 loosely. If you find you can’t make loose chains just
switch to a larger crochet hook which will automatically make the chains
larger then return to the H hook for the remainder of the pattern. For Row 1 skip
the first chain and make one single crochet in the next 12 stitches. To
continue getting videos like this please subscribe to my YouTube channel. After
you complete the 12 single crochet stitches place a stitch marker on single
crochet number 12. It will make it easier for where to make the ribbing on future
rows. Now we’ll be doing the textured stitch, which is the top of the hat. Make
one half double crochet stitch followed by a slip stitch. This is sometimes known
as the crunch stitch. It creates a lovely texture for this hat. Continue with this pattern across the
remaining stitches. And here’s what it looks like. For Row 2 chain 1 and turn. Over the textured stitches we’re going to make the same textured stitches. Begin with a half double crochet stitch and then a slip stitch. And another half double crochet followed
by a slip stitch. Continue with this pattern again of half double crochet
followed by a slip stitch until the stitch right before the green paperclip. At the green paperclip remove it and
begin the first of 12 single crochet stitches. We’re going to work in the back
loops only for just the single crochet ribbing part for this row and all
remaining rows of the hat. Once you have completed this row I like to lay the
work on a flat surface and measure it before you get too far. For the women’s
size the measurement should be around 12 inches. If you aren’t getting the 12
inches you’ll have to rip it out and use either a larger hook if your work is too
small or a smaller hook to make your stitches larger. For row 3, chain 1 and
turn. Since we’re on the ribbing side we’re going to do the 12 single crochet
stitches for the ribbing and we’ll work in the back loops only always keep the
ribbing on the ribbing side and the textured stitches on the textured
stitches side. At the stitch marker make your 12th single crochet and mark the
new stitch. For the remainder of the stitches on this row you’ll work the
half double crochet followed by a slip stitch textured pattern. Half double
crochet and then a slip stitch. Chain one and turn. From now on you’ll
repeat rows 2 & 3 keeping watch over whether you are on the textured stitch
side of the hat or if you are on the single crochet ribbing side of the hat. For my hat I made a total of 63 rows. You
can see the ribbing side versus the textured side. You’ll want the
measurement along the ribbed brim edge to be about 19 inches unstretched. If you
then stretch the ribbing it should extend easily to about 22 or even 23
inches. Once you are satisfied with the measurements leave a very long tail end
for sewing the seam together then pull the yarn through like this. Fold the hat
so the first row and the last row match up together. And then begin sewing the seam together. There are many techniques to sewing crochet pieces together. I have a
detailed video on doing this if you check in the Naztazia video listings.
Once the seaming is complete cut and securely weave in all of the ends. Here
is what the hat looks like at this point. You can fold up the brim section at this
time. We still need to gather the top part of the hat closed. I like to take a
separate long strand of yarn and double it for gathering this part of the hat in
order to keep it secure and not break open. I try to use my sewing needle and
weave it in and out along the top edge of the hat then I pull the strand every
so often to cinch it together. Once that is completed I make quite a few knots to
ensure the top of the hat doesn’t break open while wearing it. It’s up to you but
I like to put just a tiny dab of clear nail polish right in the center of the
knot to give it some extra security. The fluffy pom-poms are rather popular
these days. I use the ends that gathered the top of the hat and push it through
the center of the pom-pom and out the other side. Then I tie a knot the pom-pom
to the top of the hat like this. And this is how I make my easy winter hat.

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