How to Crochet an Ear Warmer Headband – by Naztazia

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’ll show you how to crochet an ear warmer headband. I’m using one skein of Red Heart’s
Heat Wave yarn and a size H hook. To begin leave an 8 inch tail for sewing later. And start with the chain 3. We’re going to do foundation double
crochet stitches. We’re not going to count the initial chain three as a
stitch in this pattern. Insert into the first chain. Yarn over and take off one loop. Yarn over, two loops. Yarn over and take
off the last two loops. I’ll show this again. Insert under both loops of the last
chain that was made. Create a new chain. Then make a double crochet. And once
again. You will continue this for the
circumference of the headband. For young children I make about 48
stitches. Older child about 58 stitches. And a teen or an adult about 66 stitches. You can do any number of stitches as long as it’s an even number. We’re going
to join this strip now. Ensure it is not twisted then slip stitch to the top of
the chain 3. We’ll sew that little gap below later. For round two we’re going to start with
the front post double crochet. And then the next stitch a regular
double crochet. Continue alternating the stitches
front post double crochet then a double crochet around this round. At the end slip stitch to the top of the
chain. For round three we’re going to do just the opposite. Start with the regular
double crochet then a front post double crochet. Then a regular double crochet and
finally a front post double crochet. And slip stitch at the end. For round four we just repeat round two.
Front post and then regular double crochet. Keep alternating row two and
then row three for the suggested height. For my adult headband I am making eight
rounds. But you can make more or less rounds if you wish. Fasten off, leaving
about fifteen inches of a tail end for sewing. Next go back to that starting tail end
and sew the little gap that was created on the first round. It’s up to you. You
can leave the headband like this and just weave in all the ends. Or if you
want that little gather in the middle take the 15 inch tail end and weave it
in and out along that chain three line. This will cinch it together and create a
nice gather in the middle. Pull it tightly. Feel free to weave it through a second time just to ensure the ends won’t come
undone. Weave in the ends and cut off the excess. If you want you can wear the
gathered section in the middle or off to the side. And that’s how I make my ear
warmer headband.

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