How to Crochet a Wheel Flower – Flowers by Naztazia

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’ll show you how to crochet a wheel flower. To do this I’m using Red Heart Super Saver and a size H hook. To begin chain 12. Slip stitch in the sixth chain from the hook. We will use this ring to connect each petal as we go. In the next chain make
one single crochet. Use a stitch marker to mark the back
loop of that stitch. It’s important to mark the back loop only as we’ll need it
later in the next chain. Make one half double crochet. In the next chain make two half double crochet stitches. In the next a double crochet. In the next two double crochet stitches. And finally make one treble crochet. Chain one. For this next part we’re going
to work in the front loops only. We’re going to make a reverse single crochet
in each stitch across in the front loops only. To do this reach down towards the
stitch. Insert your hook in the front loop only of that stitch. Grab the yarn
and pull it through. Yarn over and draw through the two loops
on the hook. Next stitch, reach down insert into the
front loop. Grab the yarn and pull it through. Yarn over and pull through the
loops. And I’ll do this reverse single crochet
stitch again. Continue doing this over the remaining
stitches. Take note of that last stitch, which was the first single crochet. Do
your final reverse single crochet in it. Then in that ring make a slip stitch. You
have just completed one petal. I’ll show you the next petal now. Those reverse
single crochet stitches were made in the front loops. We’re going to use only the
back loops for this row. Start off as before with one single crochet. Take out the stitch marker and mark this new stitch in its back loop. Next stitch
one half double crochet. Then 2 half-double crochet stitches in
the same stitch. Next stitch 1 double crochet.
And the next stitch two double crochet. And finally make one treble crochet
stitch. Leave the remaining stitches unworked.
Chain one. Now it’s time to do the reverse single crochet across all of the
stitches from the previous row in the front loops only this time. And here’s that original single crochet.
Do your last reverse single crochet in the front loop and do a slip stitch in
that ring. You’ve just completed the second petal.
The third petal is a repeat of the second petal. Working in the back loops
do the stitches again. Start off with a single crochet stitch. And mark it in its
back loop. You’ll end with the treble crochet stitch. And then do the reverse
single crochet back. I like to make ten petals with this flower. After the last
petal slip stitch into the ring. Leave a long tail end and thread a yarn needle.
We’re going to sew the last petal to the first one. To do this, flip the flower over to the back and then I like to use those back loops of
the one petal to sew and connect to the other petal. You can sew or glue on a
button or gem in the middle. And that’s how I make a crochet wheel flower.

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