How To Crochet a Snowflake

Well hello, it’s Chandi from and I got a ton of requests on how to make this cute, crocheted snowflake so I’m going to show you how to do that today it’s only three rounds…it’s pretty quick… so let’s get started you’re gonna need a piece of cardboard, a size zero US hook, a darning needle, some pins, scissors, and some scrap yarn. I’m using some fingering weight cashmere yarn that I have leftover from a scarf. So, to get started just wrap the yarn three times around your finger like so. Slide your hook under the first two loops. And pull the loop through both of those first two loops. And slide it off your finger And you now have two loops. We are going to work into both of those loops. So chain five. And double crochet into both of those loops. Now chain two. And double crochet again into both of those loops. Chain two. Double crochet. Chain two. Double crochet. Chain two. Double crochet again. Finish it with a chain two. Now we are going to pull up that middle. If you have a strong yarn, you can just yank your tail. But, mine’s kind of delicate. So I’m going to cinch up one loop at a time. And then pull the tail. And your center will be nice and tight and it won’t come undone. You can use that technique for lots of other projects too like hats. Alright, so to finish off that round just slipstich into that first chain five. And then we’ll get started on round number two. Okay, so go ahead and chain three. And then work three double crochets into that chain two space Okay, once you’ve done that you’re going to chain two Hop on over into that next chain two space And work four double crochets into that chain two space And then to continue on this round you’re just going to complete that so chain two four double crochets in the next chain two space chain two four double crochets in the next chain two space you do that all the way around ending with a chain two. As you can see these snowflakes go pretty quickly so you can make a whole bunch for your tree or for a garland or for whatever you like if you have any other ideas of tutorials that’d you’d like me to do in the future just go ahead and comment below. I read every comment. I love reading them and I love hearing your new, fresh ideas. So, go ahead and slipstitch into the top of that chain three there that you did at the start of the round and that completes round number two So now what we’re going to do is slipstich our way over to the next chain two space so just slipstich in each double crochet across until you get to that chain two space and then go ahead and slipstitch right into that space as well Now we are going to make our first little edging for our snowflake so chain three And slipstitch into the chain two space Then you’re going to chain five and slipstitch into the chain two space again Like so, now chain seven. Slipstich. Okay, and then chain five again And slipstitch into the same chain two space And then you’re going to finish with a chain three And a slipstitch into the same chain two space. Alright, so once you’ve done that, then you’re going to slipstitch in each double crochet across until you get to the next chain two space And slipstitch into the chain two space as well And then repeat what you just did in each chain two space around So that’s chain three, slipstich, Chain five, slipstitch, Chain seven slipstitch Chain five, slipstitch and chain three, slipstitch. And remember just to slipstitch your way over to the next chain two space When you’re done just cut your end and pull it through the loop And an easy and quick way to create the tag or the tie for your snowflake to hang from is to grab a darning needle and weave it up through the end of one of the peaks so I’ll show you how I do that. Make sure to do it on the backside and just try to hide it as best as you can And this just takes a few seconds really, so, I hope you liked this tutorial. If you did, you can subscribe to my channel if you like that way you won’t miss out on any future videos And if you want you can head over to I’ll put the link below and if you want to sign up for my email newsletter you will get a coupon code to my shop. Yay So exciting! So you’re just gonna poke it on up through that tip There you go! And do the same thing with the other end And like I said, this is some fingering weight cashmere yarn that I’m using just because I had it left over from a project. It creates a nice, soft, kind of vintage look. If you want to use cotton or something more stiff or sturdy, you can. You could use wool I like to use natural fibers so that you can block them out. Like cotton, wool, silk, you could use alpaca So, you can see the unblocked versus the blocked snowflake What is blocking, you ask? Well, for today’s demonstration I just soaked my snowflake in water And I’m going to pin it out and let it dry. It’ll hold it’s shape but it’s not actually stiff. If you want it to be stiff, you’ll want to mix half Elmer’s glue and half water. You can also sprinkle glitter on it if you want a sparkly snowflake Tada! Just let it dry overnight You can also wear these as earrings too if you want And then just hang it on your tree for all to see I hope your holidays are wonderful and I appreciate you watching See you next time! Mmmmbye

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