How to Crochet a Rag Rug from T-shirts

In today’s video I’m gonna show you
how to crochet the rag rug that I’m sitting on right now. Hi! My name is Matilda and welcome
back to Miss Matti – the channel where I share all about sewing, knitting, DIYs,
mending, upcycling, as well as how to figure out how to live an awesome and
sustainable life. And in today’s video, I’m going to show you how to make the rag rug
that I’m sitting on right now I made a similar rag rug around three years
ago and many of you have seen it on Instagram, other videos and many of you
have asked me if I could share a tutorial on how to make that rug and
it’s finally here and I also have made a rag rug basket, which is similar
technique, but in a square shape and if you’re interested in that you can check
out that video as well. When I made the first rug I didn’t have that much
funds to decorate my home so I set myself a challenge on: What can I make
with things that I already have? and at the same time I put myself on a
challenge to not throw away any textiles to not let any textiles go to landfill and I had seen a crocheted round rag
rug on Pinterest. I couldn’t find any tutorial on how to make it but I know
how to crochet so I just winged it and all you need is old t-shirts that you
make into yarn, you need to scrap yarns and when it comes to the crochet skills you only need basic crochet skills you can be a beginner and pull this project off really well you need to know how to make a slip stitch, magic ring and single crochet that’s all you need to know and that’s is something
that you can master really quickly if you just take your time to learn the
basics of crochet. I’ve talked enough let’s get into the tutorial and show you
how you can make your own You will need: T-shirt yarn Scrap yarn and a crochet hook Pick the yarns you want to
start with I went with a hot pink yarn and a light grey t-shirt yarn. Start by
making a magic ring with your scrap yarn then chain two stitches and then into
the ring crochet six single crochets Slip stitch into the first single crochet
to close the round. Now it’s time to add the t-shirt yarn. Hold the yarn next to the
work where the new round will start pull your crochet hook into the next stitch
in the circle wrap the yarn over the hook and the t-shirt yarn, draw the yarn
through the work only then wrap the yarn again around the hook and the t-shirt
yarn and pull through both of the loops now the first single crochet is made
then continue making another single crochet into the same stitch and then
continue to make two single crochets into each stitch in the circle wrapping
the scrap yarn around the t-shirt yarn in the process once it’s time to complete the round
make sure to wrap the end of the t-shirt yarn into the work you can also do so
by pulling the end into your work with your hook. The rug is made into a
continuous circle with a scrap yarn wrapped around the t-shirt yarn. To make
sure your rug is increased enough in size to lay flat you will need to
increase six stitches each round as such on the third round you will
increase every other stitch so that you will have 18 stitches in total and on
the fourth round you will increase every third stitch – 24 stitches in total – and so
forth. You might have noticed that this is a total practice or the sixth time
table. I find it helpful to have a stitch marker in the beginning of the round to
help me make the right amount of increases for each round. Once I established my increases I do not count the stitches anymore and instead I just
make sure to increase into my previous increases. I decided to switch colours of
yarn as I went along making the rug when switching colors all you need to do is
tie the ends of yarn together and continue to crochet around the t-shirt. When it’s time to attach a new piece of
t-shirt yarn: cut a little hole in the middle of the yarn and pull through a
new piece of yarn then continue to crochet around the yarn. Make sure to have fun mix and matching
colours I use the same light grey t-shirt yarn here but having hot pink
followed by baby pink and now mustard yellow I am creating a completely
different look when switching t-shirt yarns I continued
to cut the little hole in the middle at the yarn but I found it helped to also
have the ends in place with a couple of pins. This rug was made over the course of
two months it’s far from hard to make once you mastered the basic principles,
however, be aware that this project takes time especially as the rug gets bigger
and bigger. Therefore make sure to take many breaks whilst making your rug.
Crochet can be strenuous for your arms and shoulders if you crochet during a
prolonged period of time. Therefore try to work a little bit every day instead of a
big chunk of time once in a while. The footage of this video was in total four and a half hours long and then I didn’t even film the whole process and that gives
you a little bit of a sense how long it took for me to make this rug and now
let’s enjoy a very speeded up process of the rag rug coming together… As you work on your rug make sure to
pull away any ends of yarn to make sure that they’re properly tucked
away in the rug I wanted my rug not to be the same as
the old rug but I wanted them to be able to work together colour-wise and be around
the same size, as such I pulled out my rug-in-progress on top of the old rug
to see how much more work I needed to do as well as which colours to use. I didn’t
have any orange like the old rug had but I had red and purple t-shirt yarn left,
which I wanted to create a warm look with. Before doing my final rounds I held
the edge of my rug towards other sections of the rug to get an idea which colours it
would look good to finish it with. I decided to go for white and hot pink
with a purple t-shirt job to finish it off. Once you’re about to finish the rug
crochet until you reach the stitch marker if using then cut the end of
your yarn so that it looks like a pointy triangle. Single crochet around the yarn
until you come to the pointy end. Then instead of a single crochet slip stitch
and then pull the yarn through the loops. Once I made it I didn’t like the gap
of no white yarn at all, it made it look unbalanced
so I decided to finish it off with white yarn all around. As I had cut the t-shirt
yarn off I had to add another piece and then I single crochet around until the
white yarn almost meet. Then I cut out another pointy end
and single crochet until reaching the end. Then I made a slip stitch before pulling
the yarn through all the loops and then I cut off the yarn leaving a long tail.
Then I pull the pointy end in towards the work on the back with my hook as
well as the end of the joined pieces of yarn I also made sure to smoothen out any
bulky areas on my rag rug pulling them inside the yarn. With a darning needle I
pulled the long tail of yarn on the back of the rug along the last stitches of
the last round. Cut off any excess yarn. The rug is done, but before calling the
project complete I had to block it. I decided to go for hand washing the rug
but you can also block it using a steamer or press it with an iron. Before letting my rug dry in its proper shape I made sure to get as much water out of
the rug as possible, by rolling it up in a towel pressing out any excess water
then I let the rug lay flat to dry on a couple of towels. To ensure the rug
stayed in shape I did put a couple of weights on top of the rug on some
plastic bags that had sneaked into my life. I did this to prevent rust to
transfer to the rug. You can also use books to help a rug flatten just make
sure your books do not get damp. And finally after many hours of work
my rug is now complete! Thank you so much for watching this
tutorial. I really hope you find it helpful and if you did hit that like
button and share it with a friend who you think will love this project as
well. If you make a t-shirt rug like this don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @missmatti
I would love to see what you make and also if you are interested in
more upcycling projects and other DIY tutorials and generally how to live an
awesome and sustainable life hit that subscribe button and until next time:

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  • This is great Miss Matti! So clear. I'm going to send this to my local crafting group, who are only just starting to talk about climate change and what they can do to recycle/upcycle and stop putting things in landfill.

  • I have a question Miss Matti – in your video on making t-shirt yarn, you're using t-shirts with no side seams and you do mention that it's the same method for t-shirts with side seams but I can't quite figure it how to do it – do you just end up with shorter lengths? All my old t-shirts have side seams and they're piling up waiting for me, so a little tutorial on how do that would be good, please 🙂

  • Hi there it's great to me too and a big warm welcome from Montreal. this is so beautiful and I've never seen it done before and anything, where you can reuse and bring it together to make something warm and inviting, is so inviting to me. Really enjoyed the chat along with it and you are so interesting and pleasant to listen to. Great job and a fantastic walk through and it's always great to meet fellow Canadians like yourselves as that's been a passion of our since we started YouTube to connect with as many fellow Canadians as possible my husband and I. really really love this looking forward to more and have a fantastic weekend

    We are a husband and wife team who do video/photography by day here in Montreal and live streams at night featuring gameshow style shout outs (The wheel of shoutouts & New game called the Pusa Push for under 1k channels), Q&As on channel building and growth as well as interviews with Celebrities (two Emmy-award winnings guests and largest channel is 3.5 million followers) and big topics regarding the YouTube platform. Cheers and keep creating

  • Next time you should try to film the video from your point of view. It will be easier for the viewers to follow the tutorial. Good job!

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