How to Crochet a Granny Heart Shape ❤ Great as a Coaster!

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I’m going to be showing you how to crochet these really simple granny
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Alright let’s leap straight into how you crochet at the granny heart, you can make
these as big or as small as you like. All the information for the yarns I’ve used
and the hook sizes is in the description box below, so don’t forget to click that
“show more” button to expand that box where you’ll find all the information
down there. So for my granny heart, I’m going to be using a chunky variegated
yarn and a slightly too large hook purely so you can see exactly what I am
doing. The granny heart is based off a two round standard granny square so,
you’re free to crochet your two rounds of granny squares however you prefer to
do it, I’m going to show you how I do mine. I like to start with a magic ring
and chain three (which counts as my first double crochet) If you don’t know how to
do a magic ring or indeed the double crochet stitch, I do have videos on how
to do both of those things and they are linked to in the description box below. So with my magic ring and my chain 3
(which as I said counts as my first double crochet) I’m going to go ahead and
pop two more double crochet stitches into that center ring. So that forms my very first granny
cluster. Chain three and pop three more double crochet into that center ring. If at
any point I’m going to fast for you, you can slow the speed of the video – use the
little cog icon on desktop or if you’re on your mobile three little dots in the
right hand corner of your screen. Chain 3 Pop three more double crochet into this
magic ring Chain 3 and place three more double crochet into that magic ring Chain three and now we’re going to join
with a slip stitch to the top of that original chain three you did right at
the beginning of the round. So these are the two double crochet stitches and this
here, by my thumb, is the top of the chain three. If you can’t find it, don’t worry
too much, just sort of aim for the top. You can go ahead and pull that magic
ring closed at the back now – don’t forget you will need to weave this tail from
the magic ring in afterwards. Now we want to creep along to this corner here, so
I’m just going to place a slip stitch underneath the top of these two double
crochets here – I’m just going to slip stitch underneath the V’s of those
stitches (with this variegated yarn you can really clearly see where my stitches
are going) then I’m going to slip stitch into this chain three space ready to
begin the second round. For round two, we’re going to start in a very similar
fashion and chain three (which counts as our very first double crochet) and then
pop two more double crochet into this same chain three space. Chain 3 and place three more double crochet into
that exact same chain three space here. This forms your first corner. Now we’re
going to leap straight into doing three more corner sections –
they’ll be worked into these chain three spaces from around below – so into each of
these chain three spaces we’re going to put three double crochet, chain 3, three
double crochet all into that same chain 3 space to form another corner. so we formed another corner and we’re
going to repeat this section in the last two remaining corner spaces so, three
double crochet, chain 3, three double crochet. So at the end of round two, you should
have a square with four corners. Now just like in that first round, I’m going to
join with a slip stitch to the top of the chain 3 and slip stitch under the
next two double crochet stitches – just under the top of them – we’re creeping our
way back to that corner space again – then end with a slip stitch into this chain
three space so you’re in the corner ready to start turning this square into
a heart. Alright so we are in the corner ready to begin round 3, so, chain 1 (which
does not count as a stitch) and we’re going to work into this space here, in
between the granny clusters. So this is the corner where you are now, this is the
other corner here, working into this gap here. Now into this gap here we’re going
to place 12 treble crochet – now i’m using american terms and a treble crochet is
yarn over twice before you go into the space –
so once you’ve yarned over twice, go into that space, yarn over at the back, come
back through and you will have four loops on your hook. Yarn over, pull
through two loops, yarn over pull through another two loops and then yarn over
pull through the final two loops. So we want 12 treble crochet in total – that was
my first one now to do 11 more – all working into this same space in between
the clusters. if you find you’re running out of room
you can scoot your stitches around to crush them more in there – so I’ve got
seven, I need 12. So that’s my twelfth treble crochet all
made into that space there so it’ll be fanning right out now. Slip stitch into
the chain three space of the next corner – so just slip stretch straight into there
and you’re anchoring that side of the heart down. Now into this gap here – so if
you look at your square (let me pull it out to square again) you’ve got your
corner spaces here and here; we’re going to be working into this side cluster
here. So in the next space along here (not the corner) on the side and in there
again we’re going to place 12 treble crochet. So work 12 treble crochet
straight off into that side space. Once you have your 12 treble crochet,
into the next chain 3 space (so the next corner) pop a slip stitch then chain 1.
Leave yourself a length of yarn to work with so you’ve got a decent tail for weaving
in, snip that yarn, pull that through, pull it tight then you can weave in your ends
at the back. So we’ve got your end from the Magic Circle and you’ve got your end
from this heart and then you’re good to go! So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on
how to do the very simple granny heart, let me know what you think of it in the
comment section down below I do my best to try and get back to
every single one of you and I thoroughly enjoy reading what you guys have to say 😀
So until next time, happy granny heart making! Bye! 🖐

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