How to choose your crochet hook

Let’s take a look at different types of
crochet hooks. There’s no right or wrong about what type of a hook you should be
using but there are differences between the different types. It’s good to be
aware of those differences when you are buying new hooks or if you are buying
your very first crochet hook. I’m Tuula and I have been crocheting since I was
five years old! If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet you can do that there
now. The first thing I always look at when I’m buying a new hook is the type
of hook it has. And if we are looking at these two sets this here one and this
here one are so called inline hooks. They are sharper and the hole in the hook
goes further in. This one and that one are much more rounded. These rounded ones
are called tapered hooks and when you were taking yarn it doesn’t go as deep
into the hook. One is not better than the other, they’re such different. Some people
would say that the inline hook would be better for when you’re starting crochet.
I personally don’t find that because they are normally sharper here and can
split the yarn and it may be harder to get the yarn with the deeper hook. But then
from the other hand it’s easier in that the yarn stays in it. With these here
rounder ones the yarn can slip off. So, the ideal would be to try both kinds of
the same size. You will see that most of my hooks are this kind. I definitely
prefer it but I can crochet with these ones as well. Then let’s look at the
materials hooks can be made of. These here are plastic coated metal. This was
the most common kind for a long time and even now these are the sort that here
where I live in Finland you can get them in every supermarket . While I would not
use knitting needles that are made with this hair stuff I do like these. So I
still use them, not all the time but I find them quite good. Bamboo is one of my favorite materials. The smaller ones normally are always inline type of
hooks. It must be that bamboo is too difficult to make so rounded
in the smaller sizes. For making this video I actually couldn’t find my best
hooks but they are tapered, rounded type of bamboo hooks. Bamboo as material is
great because it’s so light. Wood is great too. I don’t actually know what you
call this here wood but it’s solid wood and this type has many colors. Now these
both are double ended. The bigger one has the same size of a hook at both ends but
the smaller one has half a millimeter less at the other end. These kinds of
hooks can both be used for ordinary crochet so that you only use one end or
Tunisian crochet in the round where you have to have a double ended hook. If you
have watched many of my videos you will have noticed that I use these aluminium
hooks a lot. The reason I actually use them in my videos is that they are
brightly colored and I just like to add that color. But they are also good apart
from that because they are very light, lightweight, a nice shape to the hand. By
the way, I have links to many of these hooks in the video description. There is
one type of a hook that I would not use and these are those. These are solid
metal and I find them hard for my hands as well as there’s some sort of a
coating in these often that if it’s at all a warm weather that they sweat your
hands a lot. But not necessarily everybody of course shares my view on
that. An exception to not using the metal are these tiny hooks that are for thread
crochet. I have quite a collection of these and this type really is the
only kind of a hook that can work with very fine thread. Some of them actually
have this top to make sure that the hook doesn’t break. So it’s like a cover. Many
people like ergonomic hooks. They have various kind of handles in them. I like
this here one. Also linking to that in the description. It’s fairly soft and
a very nice shape when you hold it. This here one is good too but not quite as
good. You can also get these so that this is almost like jelly but I haven’t tried
those ones yet. Now what I would not use those sort of very decorated crochet
hooks that have some sort of a decorated thing made over an ordinary hook in here. For me that makes crocheting very difficult. But again, some people may love those.
When you crochet chunky t-shirt yarn, like to make a rug or a basket, then it’s
good to have a very solid hook. This one is metal but because it has some sort of
a coating it feels nice to your hand. This one is size twelve millimeters so
it’s very big and for heavy crochet it needs to be something that doesn’t break
because you may have to pull it quite hard at times. The last set I’m showing
you this brightly colored sort of shiny. Because they actually bend I don’t feel
very secure when using these. So occasionally I have used them for videos.
There are also different types of novelty hooks like for instance ones
that have a light on them so you could also try those. I haven’t yet. There is
certainly no shortage of crochet hooks that are available, so just go and try
different types and that way you will find what is best just for you! And again
go ahead and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet so that you won’t
miss my next videos Bye!

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