How to change yarn colors while knitting.
Hi guys, I’m Kristen and welcome to Studio Knit. Today, we are going to change yarn colors,
or simply yarn itself, if you run out, while you we are knitting. It’s super simple. Our
tapestry needle, make sure you have that on hand, and your scissors, fun scissors, of
course. And lots of yummy yarn in your very favorite colors. And if you are excited to
learn how to change yarn colors finally, please hit like and make sure to subscribe. Okay,
let’s get started. So, here we have our little swatch of pink. And we are ready to change
colors. Now instead of using the pink yarn we normally would that’s attached to the ball,
we are going to bring it and introduce our new color here it is white. And we’re simply
just going to just make a little bit of a hook. Just like that. No tying, nothing difficult
at all. Just a little hook right there that we are going to put over our knitting needle.
Now, we are going to knit that white through and I like to keep these nice and taught and
tense while I’m doing it. And we just knit through and there is that one new white yarn
color. And we are no longer using the pink. And we have a white tail and we just continue
knitting all the way down the row with our new white yarn. How simple is that? So we
are going to go all the way across the row, and then I want you to see that on the back
here there is a wrong side and a right side. And once we come around, we are just going
to knit into that very first white stitch that we made and hold everything nice and
tight. Okay and here we are this is the right side of our work and we’re done with the pink
so we can go ahead and just cut that off and we have a pink yarn tail and a white yarn
tail. I am not going to call the knitting police if you simply tie them together, however
to be more professional, go ahead and weave in your ends. It’s totally your choice. And
simply keep knitting with your white and once you are done with that and would like to change
colors, here I’m going to switch over to a purple right now and let’s just do it one
more time so you’ve got it. We just hook our yarn around like that and so instead of knitting
with the white, we are going to introduce our new yarn color, it’s purple. And we just
hook it around, hold everything really tightly, go ahead and knit into it and we have our
one new purple stitch. And just keep on going. You’ve got it, guys, you have totally got
this. Have fun changing yarn colors, it’s a really fun way to personalize any knitting
pattern of your choice. Again, here is the right side of the work and here’s what it
looks like on what we call the wrong side, the back side. And I hope you are inspired
to get a little bit brave, change some yarn colors. Please hit LIKE and thank you so much
for watching Studio Knit. I have lots of fun knitting lessons and I am going to YouTube
NextUp this week, I’m going to vlog and share lots of fun behind the scenes. I’m actually
going to be producing my own knitting video while I’m there, too, so make sure to stay
tuned for that. Please subscribe. Thanks so much for watching, you guys, happy knitting.


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