How to Change Yarn Color in Middle of Crochet Row

hey crafters happy Monday so in my last
video I showed you how to change colors when you’re at the end of the row so the
idea with that will use my amazing secant pillow to illustrate if I work
across this router row and the next row and be different colors you can change
it like that come across the next row come across that row and you can use
stripes because you change colors here at the end but what happens if you are
working across I come this way change color change color here to here change
color but a part way through the silver yarn runs out what do i do then because
it’s not in an edge so I can’t just make a random chain in the middle and if I
were to use any of the techniques that we use on the edge this stitch we’re not
connect with that stitch so how do we go ahead and finish crocheting so that way
we can finish changing our color or changing our scheme of yarn and it’s
when it’s in the middle I’ll give you a real life example I’m working this
lovely bag here I’ll put the link to the pattern in the description but as you
can see I’m working across in my nerim in this main dark blue color and it’s
actually happened a couple rounds before where my yarn had run out I had just a
little bit left in this color and I still need to keep going in this color
but I wasn’t at the edge I was working in the round and so let’s say I need to
change color or just change to a second ball of the same color yarn because this
100 how would I do that in the middle so that’s what we’re going to be addressing
today and by the end you will have the basics of changing colors and this
method I’m going to show you will apply to any crochet stitch I’ll show you
first use of a double crochet stitch but then I’ll go ahead and explain how you
can apply it to any stitch and you’ll be able to change colors whenever you need
to in the middle of a project so let’s get started so here I am I’ve got this
piece of fabric that I’ve done are you two rows with this green and last I’m
working across my third row the green and I’m stitching a log and
then I get right here and suddenly I realize oh oh that’s all the yarn I have
left on this scheme I don’t have enough to finish this row so what I need to do
is I’m going to need to use another scheme so we’re going to pretend that
this cream yarn is actually green so that way it’s like I’m continuing with
the same color but I’m using different colors you guys can easily see it so
everybody use your imagination like in kindergarten and pretend this is green
but we’ll have different colors so you can see better so you might be thinking
how do you do this so sure you could tie a big knot here with the two ends and
then weave in the ends but I found that that makes pretty inconsistent work and
looks pretty sloppy in the end so what you want to do I’m showing you with a
double crochet stitch and then I’ll show you how the same method applies so when
we try to do one more stitch we found we could not complete the double crochet we
do not have enough so what we want to do is we want to go back to the lund Ravel
to the last stitch that we could successfully complete and then you’re
actually going to unravel it just a little bit more what you’re going to do
is to pull out the last loop so do so carefully because you’re going to end up
with some open loops here and that’s where I want to put my hook back through
also if I was working along and I saw and had this little tail and left and I
didn’t think I’d be able to complete another double crochet stitch I could
have just stopped at the point where I only had two loops and I just need to
pull through one more time to complete the stitch I could have just stopped at
that point too so we’re going to set this aside for a moment to prepare our
second skein of yarn so we’re going to take the yarn and similarly similarly to
how we did in the previous video about how to change color at the end we’re
going to start by making a slip knot and now once you have your slip nut made you
can bring your hook back up and you want to size the slip knot so it’s about the
same size as the hook maybe just a little bit looser you want it to be
about the same ruthless as the loops that are already on there so you may
need to switch it up may need to loosen it just play
to what seems pretty natural now what you’re going to do is you’re going to
pull the Slipknot through the last two weeks of that double crochet stitch now
when you do that part it might pull the green watch the tail here and might end
up making the green a little bit more loose and you don’t really want to have
a stitch that’s got this one big bulge on it so what you can do with the tail
end of the green is pull it tight so it looks even and now once you think it
looks pretty even you can flip it over to the back if that makes it easier to
see and take your two tail ends and tie them together so I take my two tail ends
and I’m just going to tie a knot just like normal here you can see what I’ve
done and I’m just going to cinch them up and make sure that my green yarn has the
proper amount of tension that I was going for so see how I evened out this
front of the stitch before I tie the knot and then once the knots time it’s
pretty simple from there you may actually want to type two nuts
this was kind of coming and down a little bit we’ll tighten this up a
little bit better so I wonder play Tula and there we go now they are connected
and we’re just going to continue doing our stitches as we were doing before
we’re going to now be working with this crane that we’re pretending is the same
color so you just unite normal yarn over and then insert their hook and complete
a double crochet stitch and voila you have now changed color in
the middle of your row something you may have noticed when I did the chain color
change is or when I started switching which color I was crocheting with I’m
leaving these two tail ends laying on top of my V there you can see when I
inside the hook so watch when I insert the hook I’m going to come here and I’m
keeping this piece over those two tails I’m kind of catching them and what
that’s going to do is it’s going to allow me to crochet right over those
tail ends so once I’m done with this color change I won’t have to go back and
weave in the tail ends so you can see I’ve done a couple stitches there and
let’s say I want to go back to the green now so I’m going to start this stitch
like a normal but I’m going to stop and there’s only two loops on the hook so
basically the idea of knowing when to stop regardless of what stitch you’re
doing is either when there’s two loops on the hook that’s one way to think of
it or another way you can think of it is when you’re going through the final
pulser if I were to yarn over and pull through everything on the loop one more
time that will complete my stitch thus that is the step that I want to stop at
because it only takes one more pull through to finish the stitch so I’m
going to trim going to throw my scissors actually I’ve got my scissors and
because I’m going to go back to the green I’m going to trim my yarn here and
we’ll set this fall off to the side and then let’s grab this green again so
remember the first step make a slipknot going to grab our hook again we’re going
to school size of Slipknot to about the same side of our hook pull through pull
the slipknot through so now I’ve completed this double crochet stitch
here on the other color and then remember to take the tail ends so this
is the tail end that we just finished to see when I pull on this tail and notice
how it adjusts the size of that double crochet so I’m going to tighten it or
loosen it to make this double crochet even with the others
going to take the two tail ends and just tie a basic knot here just cinch it up
and then once more I’m just going to continue crocheting across you can see
that we’re getting quite a collection of tail ends here so unless you want to
weave them all in I would recommend your crocheting right over them no you do if
I’m making sure this piece they looped across them and then I’ll just do a
double crochet stitch I can untangle the pins like normal then I finish this row
and then I’ll show you the finished look so here I am and now that I’ve crocheted
across I’m going to fasten off this end here just pull through one time make a
big loop grab my scissors to cut it pull this end out and tighten this guy up and
then as far as all these talons that we crocheted over you can just take a pair
of scissors and trim them because now they’ve crocheted over them they’ll be
held in place well enough so that way they won’t unravel but you’ve got a
little bit peeking through here unclip this and there you go now you can see
that we have a crochet piece where we changed color in the middle of the row
this is a really cool thing to do because if you’ve changed colors and do
little blocks and things like this you can make all kinds of images so say
you’re working on a blanket you can make a blanket where
you kind of pick up like a grid pattern in your mind can Google different images
that are made into blocks and then you can just go ahead and kind of crochet in
blocks and change color for each block that you need to create the image so
that’s how you do it and you can also if you look at the top what I like on this
method is it makes the top look very consistent you can see we’ve got our not
peeking through just a little bit so I might have wanted it timele when I tied
the tail end on I might have wanted to tighten that a little bit but you can
see how the top look very nice and consistent changing colors this way so
that I want to go to work the next row there’s no confusion about am i counting
stitches correctly or anything so this is just a really handy way to change
colors or even if you ran out of green and you need to start a new ball of
green you can easily do that with this method too so now you know how to change
your color yarn or change which skein of yarn I’m using at any point in your
project which is really awesome because lots of times when you work on projects
especially if it’s a bigger project you might need multiple schemes multiple
colors and you’re going to want to be able to change them and of course you
don’t want to be a big headache every time you have to change colors to change
what you are new using so I hope that these techniques make it easy for you so
comment below and tell me what are you going to be making that’s going to
require two different schemes of yarn whether it’s two colors and you’re
changing at the end for stripes or whether you’re working on a project and
you still need the same color but you’ve got to go ahead and move to your second
scheme because you finished off your first one or just whatever your project
is I want to know how you’re going to use this so tell me below and look
forward to a tomorrow we’ve got another tutorial Tuesday coming out so keep an
eye out for that and until next time happy crafting

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  • Thank you so much for this great video. I am crocheting a pattern where you have to change colors in almost every row and it was driving me crazy. Your technique is the one I will use.

  • New subscriber! Thank you so much for explaining everything in such detail. I know one lady said "get to the point" but those of us who are beginners appreciate those who are not afraid to talk (as opposed to those who only show things super fast and play stupid music & have arrows)…I guess if you can't speak English, I understand that but otherwise, ugh!. Anyway. I appreciate you. You took the time to go over the steps 2-3x and explained why you did what you did. And you are one of the ONLY videos I found like this. I have a cute American Robin pattern (only measures 3" tall so it has a circle on its abdomen and requires a color change every 9 stitches around or so. The pattern author is fantastic and shows great pictures and gives all patterns away for free. However, she doesnt really explain the best way to change colors constantly for the next 14 rows. That's alot of color change & cutting & restarting, etc. So I thought about all the weaving in etc. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm glad I thought to look b4 I messed it all up. Haha. I appreciate u. I will be back to your channel again. You earned a subscriber for life!!! 🙂

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