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You know.. There’s such a negative connotation about being alone. Hey, loner! Or should we say LOSER~? Or should we say both? (syncronized giggle) And yet, spending time by yourself is how we figure out who we are and what we really love. Lately.. I’ve been feeling really shitty
about being alone. Like, should I be surrounded
by people? Is there something wrong with me? Is it weird that I don’t have a lot
of friends? But, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the idea of being alone that bugs me a lot more than ACTUALLY being alone. Because, taking yourself to
the movies, is amazing. And have you ever gone to dinner solo?
It’s a whole new experience! I actually used to take myself out
on a date every week, whether it was to Barnes and Nobles, or a thrift store, or even just window shopping for cats. Hanging out by yourself can be so much fun. And yet, it’s looked down upon. You see someone who’s alone, and you’re like, “Oh, you’re so lonely.” You know what I mean?
It’s thought of as like, sad. When it doesn’t have to be, and in fact
it’s probably really healthy for you! When I was a teenager, I always
used to fantasize about the day I met my significant other. I was like, “Oh, we’re gonna be best
friends and partners in crime and we’re gonna have a ball!” And then as I grew up, and experienced
relationships, I would always stumble. Because I failed to realize that.. if I don’t like hanging out with myself, why would anyone else? So, I encourage you to give it a try. Take yourself out on a date this week. Challenge accepted, accepted. I mean, it can be scary. And weird, and you might feel lonely, but, I think in the end, you’ll be really
proud of yourself for at least giving it a shot. Who knows? You might get lucky. No, I don’t think masturbation counts. Although it is technically healthy. So, the other day, I walked in on THIS: Are those my first edition Watchmen
comics out of the plastic?! You said I could read them.. That’s what the $20 compilation booklet is for!
What the fu–!

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  • my "friends" only notice me when I give them food or buy them stuff… My true friends are like only 5, but I am alone most time

  • I aspire to live a life of as little human contact as possible, sadly this world requires human interactions and really it is only those who are popular and good at socializing that ever succeed at life, alas i spend my days forced to interact to have just enough cash to get away for just long enough to be able to get through another week

  • I have had tons of friends back then, and at that time, I knew that I want to have a time when no one's really bugging me. I felt like, yeah your friends are great people, but sometimes having time with them actually blocks you from being yourself, it's like good on the outside, but bad in the inside. They have helped me in a lot of ways, and I reciprocated but it feels like they're unconsciously pushing you to focus on them rather than to focus on yourself. I don't know bout you guys but do you actually feel the same? do you love and hate your buddies? do you feel like your buddies are just a disturbance or anything ( friendz I'm so sorry XD)

  • another interesting introspective vid. in my work it sometimes requires me to be on my own usually less than a week but its a nice little getaway for both of us makes me think about things that when I'm with her I don't think about and the time away makes the getting back together all the better.

  • "…If I didn't like hanging-out with myself, why would anyone else?…" Well, what happens when you're so much your own biggest fan that you HATE hanging out with anyone else!?! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I actually did a presentation the other day on the Psychological aspect of Rorschach… it didn't go very well due to the limited time I had, but at least I had fun making it. "It's a joke. It's all a joke… mother forgive me" – The Comedian

  • it's hard to take yourself out for a night without a drivers' license/permit (I only just turned 15 a week ago) lmao

  • Ha. When i was kid i phantasized about me being the only person in the world. That was my biggest dream. oO

  • Better to be alone and happy, than married in misery to have it end in a divorce anyways with many years you're trying to forget in regret that are down the toilet.

  • i cant. my mom is too protective and freaks out when i just walk to the end of the street to get on the bus.

  • i love being alone coz it gives me time to recharge and engage socially again. its my alone time I'm happiest. and yes i love going to the movies alone. ppl look at me funny when i say it. they just dont get it. ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • well…i already do the "challenge" as my routine every time i get to go out
    so i guess i already win right?!

  • I am a loner I have friends but I don't talk to them all that often seeing as the are on Google+. I even have a friend from England whom I wish to meet some day. Other then that though I am a friend loser. but I like being alone I'd rather short through my problems alone then have people judge me for what I have going on in my life. yes I have friends her as well, but we only talk in classes we have together. That and I really rarely tell them what's going on at home as well as other things.

  • Alone time is healthy, but when you're alone 24/7 because no one likes you, it can lead to unhealthy thoughts.

  • I know what you mean when it comes to the comics. I have a friend who is rough with comics in general. He is not allowed anywhere near my books.

  • Haha Anna! You speak my world ๐Ÿ™‚ You are so true about the thought of being alone is actually more deteriorating and harmful than actually being alone. We unconsciously judge ourselves by applying other people's social standards, which is made worse by social media these days. Constant comparison and the feeling of being left out is consuming me everywhere I go. It's so great to hear from you that I am not the only one. That gives me courage to stand alone, one person, like an army!

  • Going to the movies alone feels good, I rather go by myself than going with a person that talks during the movie.
    Man, I hate those idiots that make comments or ask questions during the movie.

  • I hate being alone. Especially if your significant other is out with their friends. Why would I want to stay at home when theyโ€™re having fun. I wouldnโ€™t want to stay at home waiting.

  • Lately I've been feeling alone in every crowded room…
    I think it's about being surrounded with people that you can be yourself with and not feel exhausted at the end of the day after spending hours with them, be with people that you don't have to spend energy pretending to be someone else with. With true people.

  • Heyyy I love being alone! I have so many friends and people find it wierd that I like to be alone even when I have them….and I live being alone once in a while

  • I've gone to the movies alone a few times, it's been great, all of them, I always get to choose the best seats even if it's just one isolated seat available, when I am with friends we usually end up in crappy seats or even watch different movies because there're not enough tickets left.

    When I was alone, I remember there was this one time a woman started talking to me and it felt cool, it didn't go anywhere because she had a daughter with her and she was a bit older….although she was attractive, but anyway lol it was cool.

  • I'm 47 today. I spend all of my time alone. American women are either not what I'm looking for, crazy, married or not interested. I gave up on the idea of friends years ago as 'Mericans are asleep and severely left-brain, foolish or just plain crazy. The only downside is the act of repressing my social needs hurts. I'll work through it though and figure it out. I laugh quite often and enjoy my company. It's not that I love being alone, I just hate being with the wrong people. For instance, on the internet a lot of people are awake (EndTheFed, Empire of the City, Synagogue of Satan — a person who doesn't know what any of these mean is asleep.) but IRL awakened people are very rare. I've tried but the best I can do with the asleep is casual work acquaintances. Over the last couple of years I've met a couple of awake people but it's too small a sample to find someone I or they like from. Besides it's too much pressure on 1 person to be "your friend." I've come to accept I live in a prison planet and my best option is as much solitude as I can; the inmates are dangerous.

  • Love this! N so true. Being alone when you wanna be alone is the best! Ppl need to understand that if you see us alone, it does not mean that we are lonely.

  • I went on a date with myself. We split the bill. It didnโ€™t work. I should probably get a new friend.. Hi me!
    (Jks that never happened)

  • You brought up a good point here, but remember you have over 1000000 subscribers so you never lonely ๐Ÿ˜

  • Your so awesome! The growth youve accomplished (so far) is so great and you are inspiring me to want to do the same. You are a role model I look up to. Stay awesome gotham <3

  • Actually, I pity those who can't be by themselves. If you're not interesting enough to yourself what does it say about you? I always end up a centre of any gathering… unintensionally. Mostly because I'm nervious. But that goes from the fact that I love who I am. I'm a person with waaay too much interests and I'm never bored when I'm by myself. And thus – same goes for everyone around me)

  • Your right that's why I call myself a Solo Player it's still means loner but sounds better and stronger meaning ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ‘พ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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