How to Barbeque a Brisket : Trimming BBQ Brisket

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Terry and
today I’m going to give you tips on smoking a beef brisket. Okay we have brought the brisket
inside. I have trimmed a little bit off here to show you a illustration. When you trim
a brisket you don’t want to trim from the side to where you are trimming with the grain
you want to trim against the grain. It will trim a lot easier, it will not fall apart.
People usually trim into sandwich slices maybe about a 1/8 of a inch thick. You can cook
it longer if you want to the longer you cook it the drier it would get. If you want to
make a brim juice you can take and trim the fat off which is a pretty piece of fat. Put
that in the pan and boil it and just make you like a sauce that you can take and pour
over the meat. Let me talk a little bit about how you know it is done. If you see this meat
right here how it is pink right along here and it goes back to done looking color. Which
is light brown and pink again the smoke actually preserves that meat around there. That is
cooked if it was pink in here and pink out here it is not done it will be pink on the
outside and brown in the middle. Just the opposite of what a undone steak or brisket
that has not been cooked long enough. This brisket has the fat on the top this is the
fat that you can trim off and boil that in to a brim sauce or a sauce. You can trim your
brisket up that would be going with the grain on that side this would be trimming it against
the grain so you can get it off into sandwich slices. You see that texture right there if
you went this way it would be like you are almost peeling it off of there. This way you
are getting good sandwich slices against the grain.

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