How to Attach Granny Squares: 5 Methods

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  • I looked whip stitch up, and I found some interesting facts. In swedish it is called "kastsöm" and the term "kast" is most likely referring to "överkast" meaning bed cover or quilt. It may be a stitch made for quilts and such?

    Thanks for the tutorials! <3

  • I love all the projects and the left handed versions are awesome ! Is it great that you have instructions of left handed projects. Is there are a left handed version of this technique?  Thanks !!!

  • Mikey a lil bit different from yer zigzag is also a zigzag that I do that u might like 2 try its with yer needle and getting a loop 1 on either side in zigzag formation and the joining comes out with the seems and in the middle its crisscrossed and it is a very nice effect almost looks like an additional design 2 the work try and let me know if u like it???? enjoy!!!!!

  • My favorite is the back loop whip stitch. I think I might have seen the technique in one of the 'learn how to crochet' booklets…eons ago. I've been crocheting at least 43 years…

  • I am making a blanket and have twelve 24" squares to put together. Your zigzag stitch is what I've been searching for. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. It will be used this weekend. Thank you again.!!!!

  • Great info! It would be nice if you separated the different methods so you can immediately find the one of most interest. It is nice to see all the different methods compared. Thanks

  • Once again, thanks for this great tutorial! I experimented with that last one, using every stitch in the book. Half doubles complemented my piece perfectly. Thanks for showing me how it's done! 😀

  • Four Ways to join, this is excellent, just what I came looking for. Thanks, thanks, especially for explaining the USEFULLNESS of the different joinings. I like the Zig Zag, and I'm going to give it a try using single crochet to tighten the effect a bit.

  • Hi, Mikey. Once again you come through for me. My son died in 2012. My best friend's mom died in 2014. She left an unfinished projet of squares for an afghan. My best friend turned to me to finish it. I have been battling with the loss of my son and just haven't been able to bring myself to finish the project. Today, I said, if I can just go find a tutorial, hopefully with Mikey, learn how to do it, then maybe I can finish this as she really wants her mother's afghan. Thank you, Mikey. you have made it, again, so easy to understand. I should have this finished for her by end's week. She'll be so very happy..

  • I'm using the zig zag, but unsure how to do the rows. It almost seems like you would join individual squares in one direction creating rows, then join all the rows together? That leaves so many tails to weave in. Is there a better way?

  • He mentions the afghan in the Roseanne show. Ever notice that on Big Bang Theory, Amy Farrah Fowler has the same afghan on her couch?

  • In your  opinion what is the best one to use if you are using 2 different colors. All squares are same color but I am wanting to use a different color to attach. Also, I wish you would have show all the different  ones at the end. In other words show the entire piece that you worked on so we can see all the different ones at one time to choose

  • GREAT tutorial. I always learn something new from you in each video I watch. I love how detailed you are. I am a very visual learner. You have helped & inspired me soooo much.

  • I'm actually doing a Roseanne blanket for myself and questioned how they joined their granny squares. Lol So glad I found this video! Thanks!

  • Note to everyone asking about Mikey's needle: I found this needle i a pack called Dritz Repair Needles on Amazon just a few days ago.

  • I have done a shell stitch scarf in three colours and it is too wide and also slightly untidy at the edges because of the yarn being carried up on the colour change, so I have decided to double it and join it and turn it inside out at the end. What stitch would be the best to join the sides without showing the edges?

  • My first granny square project!  I have made granny squares with a skirt in mind.  I am at the point of putting them together.  I keep going back to the drawing board.  What method would you recommend that wouldn’t be too stiff, allowing for softness and closer to flat then raised?  Thanks, Gloria

  • Hi Mikey. Do you already have a tutorial on how to make a granny square? I looked around in your channel but don't see anything. If not, can you make one sometime? I tried to follow a tutorial from someone else on youtube but I juat cant get it. Thank you.

  • Im starting a very big project for the military friends I know 4 flag blankets and I have never made a granny square blanket before so THANK YOU SO much for your help with how to join my squares I hope the blankets all come together good.

  • The invisible stitch was exactly what I needed for a blanket I'm making my son. It works up very nicely. Thanks for helping me out!

  • I have done squares for a blanket and some of my square are a little bigger than the others. How can I get them to match before I put them together?

  • It would be really nice if you would show some blocks of each method with the matching thread just to show us what it actually looks like.

  • I love the variety of joins. Thanks! I have an afghan my deceased mother and I was making but the center of the join of squares is a bit like a spider web. Mother was doing the outer color of the blocks and crocheting them together. I don't know how to do that type join, and instructions are lost, so unable to finish it for a gift to my daughter. That wasn't the original goal though. Why do you call the yarn "string"? You did that several times.

  • Hi Mikey! I really love that zig zig join but was still not happy with the large holes around the joins, so I altered your method a bit. Instead of using double crochet, I used half double, and I did not skip any stitches. This creates a solid join area with just a small ridge in the middle, and I really like it! I can see using your zig zag method for granny squares, but I'm using a more solid square and wanted the open areas to be more consistent. But, thanks for steering me in the right direction! xxoo

  • I didn't know your name or anything but I recognize your voice in your tutorials. If I'm looking to learn something and I'm browsing tutorials and happen to hear yours I know I've found one that I can actually learn from. Thanks for explaining things so easily.

  • I love the invisible stitch and the single crochet this tutorial was brilliant thanks I also learned how to crochet from watching urs and other's videos I have been crocheting for a month and I'm doing granny squares to sew or crochet them together and it will be my first one

  • Thank you Mikey This has Helped a lot I am making a afghan for my nephew's wedding now I know which stitch i am going to use to join the squares. thanks for the video.

  • Thank you for your instructions! I have learnt so much from you and it is all so clear! I always look for your videos first, because I know it will be a winner!

  • Thanks! I think I'm going to use the zigzag stitch but I'm wondering how it works when you're going the other direction? ie if you made your strips going north-south, what happens when you're moving east-west and you encounter your seam between the squares?

  • I have just finished a huge project of granny squares and your video have saved me from connecting despair. Thank You!

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