How to applique without fusible web

Hi guys Mystmoon here from Operation Awesome Today we’re doing another tutorial, this time an applique tutorial! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, applique is a technique of
sewing cut out pieces of fabric onto larger pieces of fabric to make patterns and shapes it’s especially useful if the pattern or shape is not one that you can easily fold over to make a seam allowance because it’s a method of covering rough edges of a piece of fabric when you sew it on As you can imagine it’s got a lot of applications for cosplay because so many times you
just need you just need a patch or you just need a bit of bit of detailing on
an outfit Especially if you like to buy pre-existing things and edit them Violapower, Ria, who you may remember from the Digi-con and from York Christmas meet asked me if I could do a tutorial on my method which I did briefly show when making the Totoro worklog because I don’t use fusible webbing and for Totoro I didn’t even use an iron but that was because it was fleece I don’t like to use fusible webbing mainly because it leaves a mess on your ironing board, leaves a mess on your iron It pulls away and is tricky to get into tiny little bits and it leaves a crunchy, like a crunchy texture similar to interfacing that texture does tend to go when you wash it but because my cosplays are delicate I don’t like to wash them fully if I can help it I just tend to spot dab and be very careful when I wear For it you will need the base piece For this I’m using Baymax’s coat as an example because we have the applique here on the sleeves so the base was the sleeve piece for this before I sewed it because obviously since this is gathered I didn’t want to I didn’t want
to sew on the gather so I’ve sewn it on the flat before the gather You’ll need the base piece You’ll need your fabric that you’re using cut out You will need thread in the colour that you are appliqueing in You’ll need a seam ripper because I always do because I suck Thread snips and a sewing machine it might be possible to do this by hand but if so I don’t know how it’s done When it comes to sewing machines You do need one that has a straight stitch which all sewing machines have And you also need a satin stitch which not all sewing machines have If you have a zig-zag stitch you may be able to make it work by fiddling with the tension (stitch length>.

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