How to Applique : How to Sew Applique

I’m Karina Fraley for Expert Village and we
are just going to sew our little applique here onto our bag and we’ll be done. Again,
we’re going to go really slow. I’m going to do a straight stitch. And you want to position
your needle so that it’s going in the direction of your shape. And then you’re going to want
to guide it around very gently and very easily. Not… you’re not going to want to push the
fabric through, but you’re just going to want to guide the fabric around so that the needle
sort of follows the shape of the heart. And if we run into any corners we’re going to
stop and we’re going to turn our wheel. So go ahead and I’m going to go ahead and turn
my wheel down, turn my wheel toward me so that my needle goes all the way down. Pick
up the foot. I’m going to adjust my shape a little bit. And then I’m going to start
again. Okay, I’m going to stop, put the wheel down.

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