How to a Make Yarn Pom Pom – The BEST method

Hey everyone it’s Melanie from Today’s video is a crochet basics video we are gonna be making yarn
pom poms. Now I’ve included this a few times in other videos but I wanted its
own video because I’ve got a couple of projects coming up where you can opt to use
a crochet pom pom if you’d like to so this videos gonna show you how to make a
big one like this more traditional one like this maybe a little baby one like
this guy with a cute cool yarn and it’s also gonna tell you how to avoid your
pom pom looking like this cuz no one wants that. Let’s jump into the tutorial,
I’m going to show you my favorite way to make yarn pom poms. Of course the package
of these come with instructions but just in case you misplaced it or I’m gonna
show you some of the tips that I have found works well. So you want to open up
your pom pom maker and there’s different kind of like off-brand of the same kind
of thing but Clover was the first one to come out with this design that I’m aware
of. We’re basically the idea is we’re gonna
wrap it around this side travel the yarn across wrap it around this side close it
up. And don’t worry if you have longer tails at the beginning just we could
trim those later. We’re gonna wrap this around and one of the biggest
tricks that I have found that’s helpful with wrapping I like to go in an even
amount across and then go back and just like build it up so that it’s not just
like a giant amount here and then a giant amount here it just kind of
creates a little bit more even pom pom in the end. A common question is, “well how much
do you fill it?” and you fill it until it’s hard to put it in down inside when
you close it up until you it’s hard to do that so even with my little guy here
like it it’s like barely going in there and this big one – with the textured
like you’re really having to kind of smash it in there in order to even be
able to do the next step. so go ahead and finish wrapping. We are finishing up
with this side it’s getting pretty difficult to smash it in there we all
know that what it looks like to have a solid pom-pom but I’m gonna show you how
to make two-tone one so we’ll bring it over here to the end all right we’ll
smash this down inside and then we will cut this yarn. And I don’t know if I
mentioned but you need a really nice good pair of sharp scissors. This idea
makes it really great for yarn scraps and you can even do one solid piece like
here of a different color a different color so you could do even up to four
colors. So I’m gonna grab my new color which is gonna be white so that you can
see that nice contrast and using a similar weight yarn is helpful for this
wrap the other side in the same manner again I like to kind of get a solid
foundation and then build and go back across build go back across that way
it’s even as you build it up. Alright so we’ve got our other side nice and
wrapped you can see we’ve completely filled up this section so that’s sort of
one of the ways that you know you’re getting close. Bring the yarn over to the
end we’re gonna smash that down in there. Woo hoo look at that two tone. The next
step is to take your sharp scissors and cut along here. There’s a little channel
to make that nice and easy. All the way across, let’s do the other
side. Make sure everything stays nice and closed. This one almost opened up on me, I have
it so nice and full. Ok so then what you want to do is cut a piece of yarn
and we’re gonna tie it right in here. Are you liking this video so far? Be sure to
hit that thumbs up button. Give that a nice pull and then I like to tie a
double knot. Then we open it up and then these pieces come apart like
that. And there’s how it looks right off of the contraption. That looks pretty
good right? So then you take your scissors and you just give it a little
trimmy trim. It’s usually around the center portion that just needs a little
bit. Don’t get too crazy with this, we’re gonna always find another piece so if
you get to be too much of a perfectionist you’ll end up with the
tiniest ball because you’ll just keep cutting. I like to sort of look at it
from the side and see if I see any that are kind of popping out. All right there
we go there’s our pom-pom so that is how to make a yarn pom pom using my favorite
method, the Clover yarn pom pom maker don’t bother making pom poms from a fork
or cardboard trust me I’ve tried them all none of them work as well as this
method. You will drive yourself crazy trying to trim your pom pom with those
other methods. If you need the tutorial for a faux pom pom check that out down
below I’ll see you guys in the next video it’s gonna be a hat tutorial and I
think you’re gonna love it alright bye! Not bad right? So the clover yarn pom pom
makers are linked down below thanks for watching I’ll see you guys in the next
video, bye!

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