Hook Story Offer: The Hook The Story & The Offer In A Funnel

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This video is all
about the hook the story and the offer in this post. We’re going to discuss why
it’s important to have a hook to get people’s attention. Then we’re going to discuss how
to create an interesting story that allows you to resonate
with your potential customers. After that. We’ll discuss how to create
an offer for your product or service the first part of this blog post talks
about the Hook. So when you’re creating
a funnel you often want to look at successful funnels
and model them. This process is known as
funnel hacking or offer hacking and when you’re full hacking
you need to look at the hook. This is the content
that grabs people’s attention. Think about what’s the hook
on the landing page that grabs your attention. For example, if you think about Drew Manning
he created a hook for himself in his funnel called fit
to Fat to fit the idea that he came up with was that he wanted to appeal
to people find it difficult to get fit in order
to get the attention of these people here. You to create a hook
that might resonate with them because he was already very fit. His story wasn’t resonating
with people that weren’t fit. So we decided that he was going
to become unfit or fast and then
get fit again afterwards and because that was such
an interesting hook Drew got lots of free publicity. So the important part of your story a lot of the time
the hook goes hand-in-hand with the story
in the previous example, you can probably see how Drew’s Hook was tied
to a story this story that he used to get people’s
attention was unique to him and described
a challenging process that anyone could easily
understand sometimes if the Hulk and story
are really memorable and unique it can bring so
much traffic to the funnel that you don’t need to worry
so much about the offer the excitement and interest that your story and your hook create our enough
to get your potential customers to want to buy into
your product or service. One of the great things
about stories is that people like
to share stories. So if you have
an interesting story built into your funnel people
will tell their friends betters and that will give
you free publicity and viral value. So when you’re trying to create
your hook and your story, you need to try to come up
with something interesting and unique and memorable so you can think about it
this way what kind of story are people likely
to tell their friends about you or about your funnel. So I have a course teaching people how to make
a membership site an example of a hook and story that I use to attract potential
clients is the following when we first launched
our membership site in our funnel for
cycling training course, we find it very difficult to
convert traffic into customers. So one day we decided
to change our headline to something a bit more
controversial the new headline was trained last
get faster simply by changing this headline
in our squeeze page under odds are conversion
suddenly went through the roof. We went from selling
$100 a week to selling 10,000 dollars per week. You can probably tell this is
a slightly interesting story. It’s not a very good example
of an interesting hook. However, it’s a true story and its unique to me
and somewhat memorable. When you’re thinking
about your funnel, the basic structure
includes a Hulk a story and an offer the more compelling
and interesting your hook on story is the more likely
people are to see your offer. Your offer is
also very important. Usually when you’re trying
to create an offer you need to increase the perceived value
of what you have to sell. So in the next section, I’m going to outline a simple
way to create a good offer that appeals to your potential
customers and also creates a higher perceived value
for your product or service. So try this methods to create
a powerful offer take a sheet of paper and write
for headings at the top. These headings are written
words spoken word physical stuff and miscellaneous. The first heading is written
word and this refers to any written Publications. You can include in your offer. It might be a PDF download or might be access
to a private blog post. You need to think
about valuable written content that will appeal
to your customers. You can write down underneath
that heading as many examples as you can of potentially
valuable written resources. The second heading is spoken
word and this includes audio and video resources, you can provide access to video training or to your
podcast or audio recordings. A lot of people these days
consume content online in the form of video or audio. They can consume this content
while they’re doing other things while they’re taking notes and that’s why this type
of content is so popular you need to make a list
of potential audio Or video resources that you can include as bonuses when people buy your product
or service the third headings physical stuff and this includes
any physical or tangible things that you can physically deliver to your customers
part of your sale. This could be a t-shirt
or could be a book or could be any physical good that people will be happy to get
for free as part of your offer. Of course with
physical products. There’s an Associated cost
but sometimes the benefits of giving away something
physical I weigh the costs so you can make a list of all the physical things
you can sell with your offer. And finally the last
heading is miscellaneous and this includes anything else that’s not covered
in the other headings. So under miscellaneous, you can potentially
include software access or share funnels coaching or Facebook group membership make a list of different
miscellaneous things. You can include in your offer that’ll appeal to
your potential customers. So in this post in this video, we’ve just had learned
how to create your hook your story and your offer.

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