Hoof trimming a passion for horses

well started raining two o’clock this
morning I’m supposed to go and trim but client rang up and decided to call it all
off because the weather is so miserable so I couldn’t make a video on that but
just going back having a look over some videos I came across this one and I
thought well perhaps if I redo that and show you what things were like when I
first came down here and I guess I’ve got a little bit more adamant about the
things I do but basically still running along the same philosophies so I hope
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guys going hay is five times more expensive now than when I first came
down here which is equivalent amount of it feeding about 50 horses so it takes a
lot of trimming to keep up with um supplying them with their hay
considering they are pretty much all paddock ornaments now so this is just a go and
have a look at me with my spectacles on when I first came here right my name’s Richard Woolley
and we’re in Maryborough in central Victoria right beside the havelock state
forest and we’re here horsingabout I guess My connection in with horses goes right
back till I was a little fella I guess when when horses were actually being
used as a in work the baker’s cart the milk cart riding on them and just grown
up over the years it’s not until recent years I guess getting a bit longer in
the tooth and I don’t know whether more wise or not but and famous man once
said “ask not what horses con do for you but ask what you can do
for horses” so I guess it’s a little bit perhaps of of making up a little bit for
the white horses are being treated in the past and the way they still tend to
be getting treated and the way they should be treated could be you know having lots of dogs or
cats but what is it about the horse that you that you love this is about your
passion for horses well I guess all horses I don’t have a favorite and if
I’m going to relate it to any particular horse I guess or a perfect example as
one Iv’e got here called butternuts who was given to me when he was
completely lame with with care from us and a lady that I eventually gave him to
he’s become probably one of the a great advocate of barefoot horses and and a
great advocate of being a rescue horse and some people think I’m strange but he
actually does verbalize to me talk to me which they’re not supposed to do I’ve
been through a number of rough periods of my life and for some reason whenever I’ve
come out of them there’s always been a horse involved somewhere along the line
and so what have you started here we’ve you’re you know Love Actually it’s
you’ve got your you’re passionate about horses but you you’re passionate about
the treatment of horses can you tell me about that it goes back to a big
learning curve I guess I was a mature aged student at learning and at
university sorry and and and when I came here I knew everything but like most
people that come here to uni I guess but well I guess the big thing really that I
did learn was how to research and and when I got seriously involved with
horses as a business I did things on traditional lines cut a long story short
through one thing and another I started do a lot of research into horses and
from that research into horses we’ve taken a completely different track along
I guess what’s called I hate the terminology but natural horsemanship
lines can he get of it and when I can come in and get involved with the
animals like this bloke that’s about to eat your camera or me Ute yes um and
I’m just lost where we were going okay let’s let’s pick it up you’re you’re
passionate about horses so you you’re connecting with horses by your passion
about their treatment well are you passionate about the tree and what is it
about their treatment and that you see that needs but that you’re connected to
right or I guess I on e of the big things right alright I guess one of the big things thats I guess that makes me or made me keeps making me more passionate about horses is
more passionate about horses is is that I believe there’s a lot of horses out
there that are owned by people that shouldn’t have them and why I say that
is I do a lot of barefoot trimming and I do a lot of rehabilitation of horses
with terrible feet most of the time because of lack of knowledge on the part of the
owner I guess and and and that’ll all goes back to the way horsemanship is
taught there’s just not enough taught about the right things in regard to
horsemanship it’s all about the rider after all these years and watching the
way horses went through being part of our life in regard to working we didn’t
have much option back then but we’ve got cars near we don’t have to use horses
and abused horses like that anymore the whole trend in horsemanship is
changing towards a gentle approach I guess or pain-free whatever you want to
call it and that’s the way we’ve gone I I learned from the horses every day like
everybody else we’ve got problems in life and if I want to forget about it I
just get and spend time with the horses and from what you have seen today you
can see that they will react to me fairly well as well thats a good girl my passion so its ah like ah horsemanship is your its the thing for you
connection between the human and the horse The connection between the human and the horse if you want to call that
horsemanship it’s that’s the way of handling horses rather than riding
horses that expecting what I said What can I do what can I do for the horse
because surely enough you go about it the right way that particular horse is
going to show you its individual spirit if that’s what you want to call it it’s
going to do different things for you that no other horse will do unless you
take a whip to it or whatever horses generally know everything there
is to do it’s just a matter of you been. Oh there go my windscreen wipers Or there goes my windscreen wipers How are you what are you doing what’s the way that you are treating these horses
Ah thats my rear view mirror get out of that’s my revision mirror I guess that’s okay just start it again coming a bit
closer right yeah right that good being naughty that wasn’t being naughty
by the way that was just curiosity and one of the way a horse checks out things
I guess with his teeth they’re not always playing and I guess
they’re um that’s mistaken a lot of the time and I get they suffer for it
can I ask you again like how you got into horses like you had a special horse
and there was obviously some sort of connection here can you tell me about
that yeah my first horse I guess or it was never my horse it was my brothers
but I was the only one that ever rode it and her name was Amarina and she was
retired um racehorse thoroughbred and she was 29 years old when I got her and
I guess she’d been to a certain extent been there and done that but in those
days I was on the dairy farm and she got to the point that and I look back now at
the way people Campdraft and that sort of thing but she got to the point she
was that good with cattle at all I had to do was sit there and once she
realised but I wanted a particular beast or something she just go into all the
work for me I can I can remember many times when I
was should have been out riding and when I was sitting on the ground instead of
on a backhand but when you’re younger you cab bounce to learn all those things and
unfortunately she died very sadly one night but she wasn’t young either so
I’ve got very fond memories of Amarina and where where they tell me about this
farm and what you’re doing here and where these horses come from most of the
horses we’ve got here are all rescues for one way or another with the racing
industry these days there’s something like 18,000 horses a year end up at the
knackery so I’m pretty much dead against the racing industry unfortunately
some people don’t like that most of the horses here are rescued some of them
would come from nice people they just wanted to find a nice home for their
horse rather than send it somewhere else they like the way
I do things I’ve only think I’ve only purchased
three horses that were here and the dearest one that I have purchased is
buried over there unfortunately he was some sort of horse that if you were
riding him and something happened and you had to do something about it by the
time you thought about it he was already doing it why do you what do you care so much when
so many people don’t I guess the reason I care so much when so many people don’t
is because so many people don’t I came across the situation the other day of
two rescue horses they weren’t mine but they were rescued by some lovely young
kids from a place to where the guy just said I got ahold of these two horses I
was going to shoot them and use them for dog meat so I guess that some people
treat horses like chattels my guys are all part of the family this is the man that speaks to you Can we get some connection going on Nutsy
he hey nuts come here come here come hows that you speak to the camera for
me and you gonna tell him something tell him how special you are hmm are you going to tell him how special you are I’ll show you give us a look here give us a look at your foot so here you see your foot you shake
hands for me come on it’s my boy down you go and he’s not even mine used
to be can you tell me about the it’s Can you tell me about like its a very natural method of being
with horses like you’re not into putting saddles on them I do actually yeah oh yeah I use them I
use bitless bridle what they call Cordao which is just a rope around the neck
and that bloke that I was just with there I ride him just around the paddock
with nothing with free I can do that with three of them here different
different horses give you give you different results I guess you I don’t
expect to get the same result twice out of two different horses so I get the all
got different characteristics and I get a kick out of all the different
characteristics like that bloke that’s chewing on you at the moment who used to
chase the last bloke out of the paddock you couldn’t stand him so
get your foot like that now that’s not naughty do that again put it
up here So Whats the joy you get from horses? the joy I get from horses is they ask nothing of me apart from that I
don’t let him go hungry and in return for that they shown me the individuality
and let me let me be a part of that with them and what have you learnt as a
human being from horses I have learned that horses aren’t goldfish
the majority of horses given the right situation are far more intelligent
most people that own them they’re capable of giving so much more than people can
give back to them there’s such a stoic animal like and go through they can go
through hell and yo u wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with them and that’s one
of the biggest problems or letdowns it was a dog was something they’d Yelp ten
times longer before a horse would I am going to ask you again what do you love horses so much
why are you surrounded by horses what led you to this what led me to this to
be surrounded by all these horses was stupidity I went into horses initially
thinking I was going to make money out of them and being a farm consultant or
insultan’t the last thing I ever wanted to do was with anything with people I
had horses because I knew they didn’t make you any money
so we’ve we we accumulated all these horses they’re part of the family we had
nowhere to put them permanently where we were so we bought this place here for
them we’re developing this property along the lines of permaculture natural
sequence farming the Albrecht philosophies um and Yeomans so um where the soil when
we came here was basically nothing you can now see what’s happened with a bit
of an animal population on it and just a bit of looking after the right way do
it again Smarge I miss it the camera stop that it Thats it up again now come on now a bit of positive R
here Hello here’s a baby it’s nuts Big black bitch
everybody is settling now I’m gonna gonna put this on computer cos you’re all so
beautiful all so lovely look at you frothing at the nose you’d be frothing
at the mouth if you had a bit you know that don’t you yes well done everybody
good show bloody cracker thank you very much
yes nuts

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