Homemade Christmas ornaments: Christmas Bell

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. I will show how to make this Christmas bell to decorate your tree. For one bell, you will need to cut one cell
of an egg carton. Begin by separating a cell of the egg carton
with big scissors, and then trim the edge with small scissors
to make a little “cup”. To make a golden bell, start by painting the
egg carton cell in ocher inside and outside. The gold paint is rather transparent and a
base coat of ocher will help bring out the golden colour later. When the ocher base coat is dry, paint the inside and outside of the cell with
gold paint. While the gold paint is drying, cut a gold
coloured thread of about 25 cm or 10 inches. Fold it in half and make a double knot 5 cm
from the fold. Then tie a golden bell to the golden thread.
Cut the extra thread. With small sharp scissors, cut a small hole
in the top of the egg carton cell. Pass the golden thread from the inside of
the cell and bring it out on top of the cell. Put a dot of hot glue inside the cell and
then pull the thread out so the bell will be firmly glued to the inside
bottom of the cell. To print the illustrated instructions for
this project, click on the link below the video.

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