Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 20 – Pearlescent Watercolor Ornaments

(relaxing music) – Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to day 20 of the
Holiday Card Series for 2018. I can’t believe we’re already at day 20. Today’s card is a really
fun one featuring some Finetec Pearlescent Watercolor paints as well as a really awesome
stamp set from Gina K. Designs. When I saw this stamp set, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and I hope you enjoy. Let’s get into it. So, this is the stamp
set from Gina K. Designs that I was talking about
that I absolutely love. This is the A Very Merry Christmas and I love the calligraphy and how the words are shaped
like ornaments and trees. I just think it’s really, really fun. I’m gonna start out by prepping two different pieces of black card stock. I’m going to be creating two cards today just because I can and I always need additional
cards for the holiday season. So I’m putting down some
black licorice twist card stock from Bazzill and then I’m prepping it with
an antistatic powder tool. I’m going to be stamping those calligraphy designs from the stamp set and then heat embossing them. I’m gonna be using the two circular stamps and I’m gonna do both of
these the exact same way, so I’m just gonna show you the first one. After I prepped by card stock with an antistatic powder tool, I placed that stamp mostly in
the center of the card stock, a little bit more near the bottom and then I inked it up
with some VersaMark Ink. Now, I mentioned I was
gonna do some heat embossing and this is my favorite
ink for heat embossing because the VersaMark Ink stay sticky for quite a bit of time so you don’t have to rush
to apply your powder, you can take your time. I’m applying some Brutus Monroe
Alabaster Embossing powder, this is the white embossing
powder from their line and I’ll tap that off, get
rid of all the excess powder, and then heat set that with my heat tool. So like I said before I
did the exact same thing for the other circular design and then I used my fingertips to wipe away any of that antistatic
powder that was left behind. Now, I’m gonna be doing some watercoloring on top of these Pearlescent
watercolor paints. I’m not adding a ton of water so, I’m okay using some black card stock but I wouldn’t wanna add a ton of paint on this black card stock. If you’re gonna be doing a ton of painting you might wanna use watercolor paper. But since today I’m just using black paper I’m gonna use a little bit of paint and I’m gonna make sure that
as I work with these paints that they’re not too watery. I want them to be rather thick, I don’t want them to be really, really wet and eat away at this card stock. I’m gonna be painting the colors over the top of this embossing and the embossing powder,
the melted embossing powder will resist any of the
color that’s on top. Now, you will notice that some paint does stay on top of the embossed lines and that’s just kind of
the name of the game. These paints are more opaque than like a transparent watercolor paint. And so, they will sometimes
be on top of the emboss lines but I’ll show you what to do
with that here in a minute. So I’ve sped up the video process just so you can see the entire thing. I used some blue and teal and a little tiny bit of
gold on this first one. And then for the other card I used more of this red violet shade and then a rose red. Just two different shades of red. I thought that’d be really pretty and it turned out really great. So after I let this dry and I also sped up the drying process with the heat tool, I came in with a baby wipe and this baby wipe is
not super, super wet. I let it sit out a little bit so it’s just a little damp. And then I gently wiped over that area and it took just a
little bit of that paint right off the surface of
those embossing lines. And it cleaned it up a little bit and you can see I didn’t
take off a whole lot, I’m gonna show you a little bit, not a lot came off. I just wanted to brighten
up those white lines. I then took the gold paint
that I used on the first one and I’m putting a little puddle on the edge of an acrylic block and then splattering off the side. This gives me a little bit
more of a controlled splatter. I did the same on the other one but I used the silver pearl
color instead of gold. After I removed the tape
I trimmed these down so that they were a little smaller than a standard size card. And then I used my
T-square ruler and a pencil to draw in a vertical line. This is going to be the string that is holding the ornaments up. I then took a number
10 gold Gelly Roll pen and I use that right over that line and I took my time coming down and drawing a very straight line
coming down to the center of this ornament shape. And to make it look even
more like an ornament I’m going to draw some loops coming out from where
it meets the ornament and this is going to be like the bow that’s on top of the ornaments. This bow doesn’t have to be precise or in any particular way. I just wanted it to read like an ornament with a string tied on the top. Gonna do some little curly
cute ends on the string just so it looks a little
bit more whimsical as well. I’m gonna do that to the other card also. I then prepped my card bases and they are made out of
some Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 110-pound card stock. Just scored them at five and a half to create top folding cards. Then put some foam adhesive on the back of each one of these
watercolor ornament pieces and pressed them down onto the card bases. This is basically a finished card, I think you could also add
some sequins if you wanted but I just kept it pretty simple. Gonna give you a closeup shot of these. This Pearlescent paint is just beautiful, you could see a little and the light there how it shimmers from one color to the next right over all of that
white embossing powder. Seeing these cards on camera or in a photo do not do them justice. The shimmery Pearlescent paint
from the Finetec pallette is phenomenal and it really
does make this card design. Hope you guys enjoyed. I’m gonna put a couple videos on screen for you to check out before you go and these are going to be the day 20 cards for the years 2017 and 2016. And if you wanna see the ones
from years even farther back I’ll have those listed down below in the video description. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell, and share this with a
friend if you loved it. Thanks so much for watching and I will catch you guys
on Wednesday for day 21.

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