Halloween Skull Ornament DIY Video Tutorial

Open cellophane bag and place disc inside. Move disc inside bag to the spot where you want the design to be and hold it there. Cut the paper around the disc going all the way around. Spread glue on disc. Place one of the circles on top of glue. Press and let dry. Turn ornament and trim excess paper off. Cut 6 inch piece of ribbon. Fold in half. Spread glue on back of ornament. And place bottom ends of ribbon at the top of the ornament. Brush some glue on the ribbon part that is glued to the disc. Put other paper circle on the glue. Press and let dry. Trim excess paper all the way around the ornament. Glue lace on edge of ornament going all the way around. Caution – Glue is hot! Trim excess ribbon. Cut decorative beads off sprig.. You will need six of them. Put a drop of glue on an eye and put a bead in the glue for big eyeballs!! Do this for each eye. Happy Halloween!!! Thanks for watching! Click “Like and Subscribe”

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