Halloween Hook-up at a Haunted House (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Streety v. Johnson.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Streety, you say
you got spooked when you found out
that your ex-girlfriend,
Ms. Johnson, cheated with a man
she worked with
at a haunted house. You have dragged the defendant into court today to prove
that you are not her 13-month-old son
Z’Andre’s father so you can remove your name
from the birth certificate. Additionally, you are also
suing for $108, the cost
to get your name removed. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Johnson, you say
you never forced Mr. Streety to sign Z’Andre’s
birth certificate
and you are furious. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Streety,
why did you sign Z’Andre’s birth certificate
if you had doubt? STREETY: Your Honor, I was
foolish at the time. In the beginning it was
the way I felt about her. When we first met
she was already pregnant. I mean… (STAMMERING)
We were trying
to make things happen. We were trying to be a family. You know what I’m saying?
She told me her situation. Kids’ fathers
weren’t really there. I’m a good man, I felt like
that was the role I was gonna have to take on
if I wanted to be with her. So wait, let me be clear. So you took on the role
of father for a child
you knew wasn’t yours. When you met her
she was pregnant. Yeah, plus the other
siblings, too. JUDGE LAKE:
And the older siblings. It’s not like you didn’t know. But you signed
the birth certificate
of the first child. Yes, this last one
and his brother,
the two youngest. But you knew that,
that’s what
you agreed to do. Yeah, but I did that
to show you… JUDGE LAKE:
Wait, I wanna be clear. You signed the birth
certificate for a child
you knew wasn’t yours. STREETY: Yes, Your Honor.
I know how foolish it sounds. JUDGE LAKE:And now Z’Andre,
you question if he’s yours
and you signed
his birth certificate, too.
Yes, ma’am. So how many children
do you have
between the two of you? One. JUDGE LAKE:
You just have one. JUDGE LAKE:
The other one you’re
on the birth certificatebut you’re not
the biological father.
But you have two
other children besides that.
I have three
other children besides that. Now, tell me about
this relationship before
you got pregnant with Z’Andre. We met back up after years
of not seeing each other,and then he left
and went to Denver,
and when he came back that
December he proposed to me.
And I would say he was…
I would say he was still
involved with someone else because he was receiving
phone calls and I was… He was, like,
very suspicious about it. And I didn’t
pay attention to him. Your Honor, I moved to Denver, she knew that
I was moving out there
so that way me and her could try and move out there. That was the game plan
after he got out there. Okay, so you told her
“I’m gonna go
to Denver first “and get things set up
and then you gonna
come as well.” STREETY: Yeah. JOHNSON: No, you didn’t. But you did move to Denver. Yeah. JOHNSON: He moved to Denver without my knowledge. JUDGE LAKE: This was
before Z’Andre was born. STREETY: Yeah. Yes, it was. I was pregnant
with Zayta at the time. So now the first thing
we really need
to understand is, why do you doubt
Z’Andre is yours? May I approach, Your Honor? JOHNSON: Insecurity. This is what
the exhibit is about? Yes, ma’am. Please approach. STREETY: Thank you. We have a timeline here. Moved in together
in or around April. This is her parent’s house, this is one of
their properties, okay? All of her bills
are automatically
my responsibility. JOHNSON: No, they weren’t. He got his name… STREETY: Hold your thoughts. Hold your thoughts,
thank you. Here we go.
We’re moving
through here, um, at the midst of all
of that going on, I’m getting
tired of accusing… Being accused of things
that I’m not doing.
So I move out. Not even a few weeks later, I see her at the gas station
around the street from
my brother’s house. Who was that
she was riding with? Hold that thought. Couple weeks later,
I’m at my uncle’s house… JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute.
“Saw with other men”?
That’s the red car?And what did you see
when you saw that?
STREETY:I saw them at
the gas station at the pump,
she was just chilling.
As a matter of fact,
this person that she’s with, if this was such a good man, he’s sitting in the truck,
she’s pumping the gas. A couple weeks later
I’m playing soccer with my two younger cousins
in my uncle’s front yard. Guess who come
bending around the corner? Her and the same one
that I saw earlier
at the gas station. This time he’s driving.
Whoa, okay, if he’s driving… And that’s the car below
driving with that other man. That’s the same other man. Same person. Same guy. This is around the time
where I discover
that she’s pregnant. Okay, you got to understand
I’m gonna feel
some type of way. Now, Mr. Streety,
hold your thought. Ms. Johnson? JOHNSON: Mmm-hmm? JUDGE LAKE: Do you remember
those instances? I do. JUDGE LAKE: Do you remember
the man you were driving with? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You were
with another man? I was, but all that
took place in October. I didn’t meet the guy
until October. STREETY: No. No, she tells me that,
Your Honor, and as far as she’s concerned
she’s gonna tell me that. Mr. Streety,
I just wanna make sure. Now, how do you
know it’s August? You just remembered
that was the day? STREETY:
No, that’s when I saw her. As far as I’m concerned,
after this time passed she told me that
she was with somebody else. She had met him
at a haunted house that she and he
had worked at together. Okay? As far as I’m concerned,
this is the same person
that I saw earlier. You can’t prove
to me it’s not. All right, and then in October
that’s when it is revealed
to you that she cheated. Yeah, that she had
been cheating in October. Okay? So if you had been
doing that in October and you now just telling me
you only slept together
two or three times. You found out she cheated
with a haunted house. She was in the haunted
house cheating? No, she was in the house
that we were living in
with them kids. That’s where she was at. Oh. The same bed
that I was lying in… Oh, she was working
with the guy
at the haunted house. It wasn’t even there. Oh, so that makes it okay? No, it doesn’t
make it okay. You removing your name
from the water bill
doesn’t make it okay either. Yeah, it do for my credit. Really? Oh, so I gotta leave
my name on the water bill so y’all can shower together. Why did you agree? Why did you agree to get
the water turned on
in your name? Okay, that’s cool. What sense did that make
if you didn’t plan
on paying any bills? Wait a minute, Mr. Streety,
you took your name
off the water bill ’cause you didn’t
want her taking a shower
with this new man? No, he decided
that he was gonna take
his name off the water bill and go freelance
or do whatever it is
that he wanted to do. Meanwhile, I have… JUDGE LAKE: Wait, wait,
what’s “freelance” mean? STREETY: Your Honor,
can I go back? Are you done
with your exhibit, sir? Yes, ma’am. Yes, please,
step back to the podium. He made beats
or he would help record songs with other people
without a fee. Oh, I thought you meant he was
freelancing with other women. I mean, his ex, of course. Like, he would leave my house
just to see his ex
and their child. And they would spend
time together, they had… Your Honor. JOHNSON:
Pictures all over Facebook. Your Honor. JOHNSON: Him lying in the bed
when their baby was born. It’s, like, wow, you didn’t
tell me any of this.
I didn’t know none of this. So, listen, listen. And as bad as that is, that didn’t land us here
in paternity court. JOHNSON: No, it didn’t. From what the exhibit says,
the haunted house did. Ms. Johnson,
I wanna hear what your side
of the story is. Okay. First of all
the calendar’s not even right. We moved in together in March.And he moved out in June.He stopped by just to check
on me or whatever,
but it wasn’t that much.
So I would say in July,
that’s when I got pregnant. And this right here,
all this happened
in October. So you saying he got
the dates all mixed up? JOHNSON: He does. And you’re saying that when
he saw you with
the other man driving around you were already pregnant. Yes, I was.
I was already pregnant. Were you sleeping
with the other man? I met this guy in October
at the haunted house. I would say two weeks
after being there of getting
the haunted house set up and getting ready
to bring customers in… ‘Cause it was, like,
from the 15th to the 31st. So I’ll say… You met him in October
but y’all were hanging out
two months before. No, we weren’t. See, that’s where
you’re delusional. So that’s somebody different? So that’s somebody different?
Yes or no. I wasn’t even with anybody. I was at home with my kids
making sure they ate, making sure they were bathed
and they was clothed. Who were you driving
to my uncle’s house with? That was the guy in October.
That’s the same guy. Lies. No, they’re not. So, uh, Ms. Johnson,
so you say
you were already pregnant. But you say you saw her
with the other man before you realize
she’s pregnant. Take me to the point when
she tells you she’s pregnant. I went over there just
to go check on her. We just lying there
and she’s like yo… As a matter of fact,
I asked her, “Have you been
with somebody else”? She’s always been honest,
she says, “Yes.” I said, “Well, have y’all
been sleeping together?”
“Yeah.” “Oh, so this only
happened one time?” “No, it’s been
two or three times.” I’m like, “Where’d y’all
sleep together at?” JOHNSON: In October. “Right here is where.” The same bed that me
and her had been lying in. After I told you. STREETY: Are you kidding me? And when I told him I cheated
that’s when he decided
he wanted to come back around and play dad or play house
or whatever. Because he was always
in and out of the house. Who do your children
look at as dad? Of course you! So how am I playing dad then? Listen, I see the tears
in your eyes
and I see you very upset. I am. What is this about for you? It’s the fact that he’s been
in my daughter’s life
since she was one. And she’s five now. And knowing that
he knows that they don’t know
their fathers. Their fathers
don’t come around
or call or check on them. And then for him to step up
to that position and then all of a sudden
slowly wean his way out. That just drives me… STREETY: Don’t sit up. Well, don’t sit up… JUDGE LAKE: Let her talk.
Let her talk. JOHNSON: I wasted my time,
my energy. Anything that we put forth
to build our family
and make our lives better within ourselves
and for our children. Now, Mr. Streety,
what were you trying to add? Your Honor, look. Straight up,
I was in the military,
all right? I take responsibility serious. I would think she would think
the same thing, considering
her father and her sisters… Not the way you act. Not the way
you display yourself. It don’t matter about
how I display myself. You don’t sit up there
and tell me… How you gonna say… You don’t sit up there
and tell me that I’m wrong because I wanna
separate myself from a situation
that I put myself in when you made me feel
uncomfortable about it. At what point do you get
so uncomfortable that
you back-pedal out of there and that you decide
that this baby, Z’Andre,
is not yours? ‘Cause when you sit there
and you push your
responsibilities on me after I take a moment, yeah. But you don’t never
put your responsibilities
on another person and make them feel bad
when they not doing as much as you should
be doing in the first place. Why do you
then doubt the child? It’s not about responsibility. It has to be based in some… You feel like she was sleeping
with this guy.
That’s what you feel like? Your Honor, the reason why
she says she did it was because
I wasn’t there for her. Right, but you feel like
she slept with this guy
before Z’Andre was conceived. STREETY: If you felt
like that at one point, all the times that I feel like
that you might have felt
like that before, you might have been
doing that before, too. You don’t say stuff
like that to a person, and when they get insecure
about what you said you get mad at them
’cause they insecure. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, so let me
ask you something. Why did you sign
Z’Andre’s birth certificate? Your Honor, I was already
there for the other three. I ain’t taken nothing
from Ms. Johnson. But I already know
what she dealing with. I know that they fathers
was not there for them.
I already know that. I’m sitting there
in the hospital holding him. So wait a minute. This is what
I don’t understand. How do we go from this picture
of you in the hospitalto Z’Andre is now
13 months old,
and you’re saying
you don’t believe
he’s your biological…
STREETY:Your Honor,
the reason why
I have my doubts
is y’all see a picture of him.Look at me and her,
we both dark.
That baby yellow. That person that I seen
her with was yellow. All right? So that makes me
have my doubts. You do understand
that children come
in all shapes and sizes. You know that
it is about your genes. You can make a child,
it could be a throwback
from another generation. Totally, totally. JUDGE LAKE:
You can have a childthat is a different
shade of brown than you
and it doesn’t mean
it’s yours.
STREETY:Okay, I understand
’cause Z’Andre looks more
like Chante than he does…
I mean, I understand that.
That boy looks just like her.
I have my doubts by the way
he looks for my own reasons. JUDGE LAKE:
All right. So listen… But did that start from
signing the birth certificate and being there for them
and spending time with them? No, it didn’t.
I still did that. And you signed that
birth certificate willingly. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Johnson,
you admit you slept
with this other person. I did. Did you tell this other person
you were pregnant, too? I told him. Yes, Your Honor. Now, has he met Z’Andre? He has not, Your Honor. After October was over
that was it, like… STREETY: It better been. We slept like…
During our work relationship those two or three times
and that was it. So after that…
After that he went ghost
back to the haunted house. JOHNSON: Yes, Your Honor. Okay. We’re gonna get
to the paternity results
in just a moment. But I wanna rule on,
uh, Mr. Streety’s suit. Mr. Streety,
you’re suing for $108 which would be the cost
to take your name
off the birth certificateshould Z’Andre
be determined to not be
your biological child.
The issue is this, I asked you
point blank in court, “Did you do this
voluntarily, willingly?” And you answered
to the court, “Yes.” Without any evidence
that Ms. Johnson
tried to defraud you, did anything to coerce you, put forth any circumstances
that would mislead you to sign this
birth certificate, I cannot award you $108
because you did this
on your own volition. So because of that reason
I have to deny your suit,
all right? But I want you
to understand this. Even though today
we may determine you are not
the biological father, you understand that you
still are the legal fatherand so you would still
be required to support him
via child support, and you still have
a legal right to see him as well as the other child. And he knows that. Now, you do have a right
to petition the court
in your home state to have your name removed. With that said,
it’s time for the results.
Jerome. Here, Your Honor. Thank you. You’re welcome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Streety v. Johnson…
JUDGE LAKE: When it comes to
13-month-old Z’Andre Streety, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Streety, you… …are the father. JOHNSON: I told you. How do you feel now,
Mr. Streety, now that you know
for certain? That just shows right there
that she did have some… Somewhere, some kind
of a respect for me. You know what I’m saying?
She never been unsure.
I always been unsure. I believe you doubted. You know, some men
come in here after, like, they ain’t got a doubt,
they just don’t want
the responsibility. And I’m gonna
tell you something. This is a consequence
of a relationship
where there’s no trust. And what I wanna say
to you all is if you’re going to do better
for the children, you all have to find
a way to establish
a foundation of trust. She knew you were insecure,
but one thing
you testified to, Mr. Streety, was you said,
“She don’t lie.” You asked her questions,
“Did she sleep with someone?”
“Yes.” “Where’d you do it?”
“Here.” I mean,
she tell you the truth. So you’ve got to take that
as a foundation that now
you all need to communicate. You’ve got
a beautiful baby boy. Figure out where you wanna be
and how you wanna proceed
together. And she made
a good point. You’ve taken on this family,
you’ve stepped up
to the plate. Now you can’t step up
to the plate, get the bat,
tell the pitcher to throw, and then decide,
“Aw, you know,
baseball ain’t my game.” You can’t do that
because there’s children here
that are counting on you and they look to you
to be their father. All right? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
So no more haunted houses. Let me just say that now. That’s right. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. All right. Look, you could’ve
come in here, Mr. Streety, you could of got
a trick or treat,
you got a treat. Right? True. I wish you all
the very best of luck.
Court is adjourned. JOHNSON: Thank you.

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