Hairstyling Tips : Hair Trimming Instructions

Hi, my name is Lauren and today I’m going
to discuss hair trimming instructions. It’s very important that after your, the the hair
is wet, it’s best if you have somebody else either cut your hair, or you cut somebody
else hair. You’re going to section it into four parts. You are going to corner off the
ear, and you’re going to go right from behind the ear and bring the front half of the hair
up. You’re going to follow their natural part so that way wherever their hair is actually
parting, that’s where you’re going to go to, and you’re also going to section from behind
the ear onto the other side. After you do those sections, you’re going to do two sections
in the back. You’re going to split it down the middle, pin up one side and then thee
other. You’re then going to be starting with just that little bit of hair in the back.
In order to get your hair to be trimmed, you’re going to start in the middle of the hair in
the back section and you are going to cut yourself a guide. After you cut yourself a
guide, you are then going to use that guide in order to travel out to the outside of the
hair, and keeping your hair in this fashion whiles you pull your hair down and keeping
them together a hundred…ah, at each point of your finger if they’re together. It’ll
help you create that straight line in the back. Once you finish that section, you now
the bottom half of it as your guide. You’re going to then drop another section and continue
working your way up to the top of the head. If they’re doing the one length, you’re just
going to pull everything down and bring it right towards that guide, and you’re going
to follow the line that you’ve created in your initial cutting. Once you get around
to the side, you’re going to release the side parting that you had. Bring part of it up
and direct your hair a little bit more towards the back which will help with thee ear so
that way you don’t want it getting a hole hear. Direct a little bit towards the back,
follow that line around, and then just connect it up to the front, and that is a simple way
of trying to trim your own hair.

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