Hair Trimming Tips : Hair Trimming Preparation Tips

Ok, what we’re getting ready to do is trim
some hair and this is just a little something you want to do, between salon visits, in case
you’re to busy to get there. So when we’re trimming dry hair it’s always wise to put
some sort of moisture on there, you can wet it, if you’d like or you could use some sort
of really light oil, like a jojoba oil or a grape seed oil. Right now, since we’re only
going to be trimming the ends, I’m just going to be, lightly oiling, the ends of the hair
and if it seems a little greasy, at first, that?s ok. The hair will absorb it, right
away but do make sure you stick with a lighter type of oil as in a jojoba or a grape seed.
Now, any kind of hair style, before you get to trimming any details, you’re going to want
to cut the very ends off first. So we’re going to comb it out, with a wide toothed comb and
then get a finer toothed comb, to comb it really well, to make sure everything is straight
and towards the end, together. Get all of the little tangles out. Ok, now grab some
scissors and it’s wise to invest in some salon quality scissors, you can get at any beauty
supply store, just to make sure that you don’t do any damage to the hair. It’s a really sharp
cut and really easy to do. Now what you’re going to do is, you’re going to pick up some
of the hair, go all the way to the end and just look for uneven growth, anything like
that and just start to trim with the ends and just use your fingers as a guide and just
get something really nice and straight. You can tell where the dead ends are and you will
see, some of the ends like to split, sometimes and that’s all that we’re looking for, right
now. This is just in between salon visits.

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