Hair Trimming Tips : Hair Trimming: Finishing Top Layer

Ok, we’re working our way around the head
to get this top layer finished. You’re going to comb this out and we’re just going to keep
using our fingers, to grab, from the very top of her hair and just cut this off, to
make it even with the rest. You could see those, right about there. Let me grab some
of this guide hair, see where our cuts are. Just keep working your scissors around the
hair and remember when you get to this front part, later, we’re going to do some tapering
with that but just keep grabbing with your finger, smoothing the hair down and just catching
all these happy little stray things, to give us nice clean layers. So, even when your hair
is just straightened out, you still have something happening back here. Now, what I like to do
with layering hair, so we don’t have just all these straight lines, is I like to just
take the scissors and take my fingers at an angle, like that and cut it upwards, to help
kind of do some blending. That way it doesn’t look really choppy, in the back, it kind of
smoothes it out but just to create some sort of angle going down, on the back of the head.
Working up, at an angle, towards the shorter layers, towards the top of her hair. You do
that as little, or as much, as you would like to and then we are done with layering the

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