Hair Trimming Tips : Hair Trimming: Finishing First Layer

To finish up this first layer, we want to
make sure that we keep our reference hair and part of our new cut. This is where the
layer is, and this is the hair that hasn’t been cut yet. And stay far away from your
fingers and work towards it. Just cut away, and you see there’s some strands we missed,
but that’s alright, that’s why we hold it over here; and we’ve got just little bit more
to cut off. We want to stay away, make sure we get everything underneath there to create
that straight line. And we go ahead and drop it, there we go. And we’re just going to keep
working our way around the head. It’s really easy. The important thing to remember is to
always have your reference hair to use as a guide for where you want your scissors to
go. And once you do that, you have no worries. OK, last little bit. Just use your fingers
to grab that hair, smooth it down, get those little strays. Last piece, and there we go.
We have our first layer, and this looks great when it’s curled under.

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