Hair Scrunchies πŸ’– Knitting Pattern with Ruffles

how to knit hair scrunchies with ruffles
hi I’m Kristen and welcome back to my channel Studio Knit
hair scrunchies they are a new fun quick knit pattern that I have for you it’s a
great yarn busting project and really fun to make they’re great to give as
gifts or you could have a scrunchie sale at craft fairies this holiday season oh
and if you are excited to knit up some scrunchies do me a favor hit like
subscribe it really helps me out for our materials we are using worsted weighted
yarn any fiber any color and you’ll want about 42 yards we also have this braided
elastic that is a quarter inch and some thread we are using a long circular
needle this is size 8 mine is 24 inches 124 inches are longer we also have our
tapestry needle of sewing needle safety pin scissors and some straight pins as
well so let’s and knit it up we’re using a circular needle because we need all of
that length mine here is 24 inches in length you can have that length or
longer and we need all of that length because we are casting on a whopping 200
stitches and to help you out I calculated that you should unravel about
a hundred and twenty two inches of a yarn tail before you begin to cast on so
you might have some extra long yarn tail left over but this prevents you from
casting on all of those stitches and running out of yarn right so I hope
that’s helpful to you and we are casting on 200 stitches and I think I’ll go
ahead and just jump to the end of that for me here and this is what our needle
looks like now because we are knitting straight we don’t need to worry about
straightening out our stitches we can leave everything kind of kind of all
curled around it’s not a big deal it’s
an issue because we are actually knitting straight not in the round now
you want to make sure that your yarn ball is on the right and because you do
not want to join you don’t want to knit in the round and you have all of those
stitches on the Left needle and you are knitting them on to your right needle
and I make sure that I do not have my stitches join so that I don’t get
confused and I don’t accidentally knit in the round because that is what I’m
used to doing when I am knitting with a circular needle so Row 1 is simply
knitting the entire row and again we’re gonna fast forward so that you do not
have to watch me omit all of these stitches here and then Row 2 is going to
be knitting two together so these 200 stitches we have here will go down to
100 stitches very quickly because instead of getting that one stitch we’re
knitting two stitches together two stitches together so two becomes 1 so we
are decreasing by 1/2 just in this one row row 2 and when you’re ready for Row
3 all it is is knitting I’m choosing to change my yarn here row 3 this is the
scrunchie that just has that one little edge of the hot pink color so I am
changing my yarn right here and row 3 is simply knitting all the way down the row
and finishing up row 3 we have one more row this yarn is so splitty we have one
more row row 4 of decreases that is k2 together knit two together and you’re
just knitting two together all the way down row 4 so now we have 50 stitches
which is much more manageable and you can see the little ruffles are already
forming because they’re all all those stitches are bunched up because we knit
so many of them together now from here row five through 20 is
simply knitting every single row just a knit stitch we are sticking with these
50 stitches nothing else tricky going on you can of course change
yarn color whatever you would like to do to design your personal hair scrunchie
and here is how it looks when we’re done with those 20 rows it’s so cute it kind
of looks like a little ruffly skirt very pretty and then we are just going to
bind off our edge and cut our yarn now we want a nice long yarn tail before we
cut because we are going to use that to sew the elastic in side on the edge
right there so I’ll just take my tapestry needle get that last little
stitch and now we are ready to add the elastic so here is how the right side
looks because I changed colors it’s pretty obvious this is the right side
because the edge looks so nice and clean and then here is the wrong side so I’m
going to lay my piece down so that I see the wrong side facing me and I’m going
to cut 9 inches of the elastic and then place it on the edge and hold it
securely with my safety pin so while I’m sewing it doesn’t move around too much
and to help with that I’m also going to use those pins and pin them down from
the right side right there and pin it all the way down to sort of help keep
everything stay in place so let’s just say sewing is not my jam so if anybody
here is an expert sower and has any other little tips please leave those in
the comments to help people out I am just folding my knitted worked over and
I’m using my tapestry needle in my yarn and I’m just seaming the elastic into my
piece just pretty simply right here just going back and forth so I’m just gonna
grab my elastic there pull it to the end and
continue knitting up my scrunchie and once I make sure that both of those
elastic ends are available for me to grab I can take out the safety pin and
then I can just sew the edges together and I’m just sewing until I feel that it
is nice and secure and then continue with the tapestry needle and your yarn
to just seam up the edges of your scrunchie weave in your ends cut off
those yarn tails and you are done very very super cute I hope you are inspired
to knit up some hair scrunchies if you do please tag me in social post pictures
studio knit hash tag studio knit and I will see you next time BYE!

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