Granny square for beginners. Crochet tutorial

Now we are going to make the very basic
granny square. You can have them either in one color or in different colors. We
will first start with just one color and after we have done three rounds we look
at how to change the color. Which is very easy!
There are many slightly different ways of making the granny square and none of
them is wrong, they are just slightly different. But I am showing it in the way
that I find to be the quickest and easiest. So let’s start! I’m Tuula and
today I’m making this video at this beautiful location right in the middle
of a forest at a cottage. If my channel is new to you, consider subscribing!
First we need a slipknot. I normally just twist, take a yarn-over and pull the yarn
through. Then we chain 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then we need to join that into a ring by
inserting the hook into the first of our chain, taking a yarn-over and pulling
straight through. That is a slip stitch and now we have a ring. Then chain 3. This chain counts as
the first double crochet, and that’s double crochet using American crochet
terms. It’s treble in British terms. Yarn- over, insert the hook into the ring, get
the yarn, pull it through and then yarn- over and through two loops, again yarn-
over and through two loops. So that’s a double crochet. I’m leaving the yarn end
inside my stitches. You can do that or else just finish it off later. Another
one. There. Now we have 3, with the
starting chain counted and right through this granny square we are working with
groups of three double crochets with chains in between. Then chain 2. That
creates the first corner, and then 3 double crochets. Here’s the first one, a second one and a third one. So now we have 2. Chain 2 and then
we’ll do just the same I’m making it a bit faster now because it’s exactly what
we did before. Now I’ve got 3. Again chain 2 and one
more group of 3 double crochets. Here,
and to finish off chain 2 and we’re finishing this round by inserting the
hook to the top of the chain we started with and then taking a yarn and pulling
it through, a slip stitch. That’s the first round done. Now, how you start
another row in granny squares is something that there are many different
ways and I’m showing the way I prefer. Chain 3 and then we are making the other
2 double crochets of this group sort of behind us, into the chain space that
we just made. Yarn-over, insert the hook behind the stitch where you are, into
that there space and make a double crochet. So you just let that go over the
chain sort of, and another one. This way no matter how big your granny square is the place where the new round start is always at the same corner. Chain one and on all
other rounds you always chain one between the groups and you chain 2 in
corners. A group of three here into the space next place and then this is a corner, so I’m
chaining 2 and in every corner you always need to make 2 groups of 3
double crochets into the same space. So I’m making these into the same where the other ones are. Again three. Then this is not the corner, so chain one
and 3 double crochets into the next space which is a corner. And then in the
corner chain 2 and in the corner you always have 2 groups of 3 double
crochets. This is how it grows and it grows evenly. So there now. And chain one and again I’ll make this corner very quickly and then we will look at the
last corner which is slightly different. That was that corner. Chain one and now
we are coming to the corner where we started and there of course already is
one group, so we are making another in here. And now chaining 2 and finishing off
this round just like the first one. Inserting the hook into the top of the
starting chain and making a slip stitch. Here we are.
So the square is starting to form and then we start the next round exactly the
same and I will make one more round before changing color. Starting just the
same way. Chain 3 and 2 double crochets into the space sort of behind
where we are. Here, so every round starts the same. This group in the first corner and then chain one and now this is getting a bit bigger
so there’s this here space in the middle. 3 into that and again one because still not inside
the corner and then 2 groups in here because this is a corner. That’s the first group of 3 and then
chain 2, in the corner always chain 2, and another group into the same space in
the corner. You can probably hear the wind coming up! Like I was saying at the
start that I am outside! Chain one and this here is in-between corners so just
one group of 3. Chain one and now we’re getting into a corner again, so 2
sets of 3. Here’s one, chain 2 and another one and then just continue like this until
the end here and then here. When we have come round then we change color. So I’m
going now until the end except that I’m not making the slip stitch to finish
off the round yet. Here I am at the end of this here round. I have both sets here
in the corner and I have 2 chain stitches and now I’m changing the color.
And you simply take another color and using this here lime and insert the hook
like at the end of the round anyway but now this is when you take the
new color, so you take a yarn-over using the new color. Just hold it tight so it
doesn’t go away and make a slip stitch that way, and you need to pull that
tighter and then you continue using the new yarn. Otherwise exactly the same so
chaining 3 and 2 double crochets into that space. We are using the new
color and then we continue just the same, chain one and a set of 3 double
crochets into the first space in front of you. And this is how this grows that
each time after you have done a new round you get one more space where you
are making double crochets and always just chain one in between those. So here
my 3 double crochets, chain one and now I’m coming to a corner
again. So there will be 2 groups of 3 double crochets here and again
with 2 chain stitches in between, this in here, and this is how you continue. You can make any size of a granny square just with the same technique. The
color change is always the same you always start a new round in that same
corner the same way and each time it grows so you have more and more of these holes if you are making big granny squares. And as you know granny squares are so
versatile that you can make just absolutely anything using them!

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