#gold #vedicastrology | IS IT GOOD TO WEAR GOLD | Does wearing Gold has health benefits

Om Namah Shivay Everyone including Man and Woman loves Gold even when we see Kings and queens they used to wear Ornaments made of Gold what is the reason behind this is this somehow related to astrology YES – Gold and Astrology are related from a long time and somewhere the earlier Kings and Queens who love to wear Gold Ornaments there was a scientific reason behind that. So today we will discuss why In astrology as well gold is considered as Good and advised using Gold First of all the Gold denotes
wealth and prosperity if there is any negative energy in your life
it protects from it Gold attracts the body heat, gives strength
and strengthens the energy levels So when we used to see the Old Kings used to wear Gold the main reason behind that was strength and energy for the body that’s why they used to wear gold. Gold also enhances the divine consciousness
and spiritual healing In Astrology Gold is associated with the Planet Sun As the color of Sun is exactly the color of Gold Sun is the Source of Life Our life force, our consciousness is because of Sun God
it also describes Authority, Discipline, Warmth Even Lord Ram prayed to Sun God for Victory
before the battle with Ravana now why are we so fascinated with Gold ? if you check the History, why are the prices of gold are increasing day by day what is the reason ? Gold is a non-toxic metal
there are no side effects on the human body since Gold is ductile, therefore you can stretch it and make ornaments Gold also improves upon blood circulation if there is any blockage in the body, wearing the gold will unblock it it also boosts the immunity and Strengthens the bones also, you have noticed that
in beauty parlor – there is gold dust being used as beauty products it also heals your wounds if you wear a gold ring in the index finger
it will improve upon your concentration level if you wear in the middle finger
it will improve upon your fame and prosperity if you wear in the ring finger
it will improve upon your divine consciousness if you wear in the little finger
it will heal your cold and fever some important things
that you should not wear gold in your feet as the basic property of the Gold is Hot
your head needs to be cool in order to make a balance between head and feet and if you wear gold in your feet
the entire body will heat up that’s why it is advisable not to wear gold in feet if a person becomes angry very easily
he should not wear gold because the energy level is already high
and wearing the gold will make even higher normally females take off their ornaments
and keep aside their bed and they plan to wear again the next morning please never do that since Gold emits heat, therefore you might encounter sleeping disorder these were few tips related to gold and astrology in the next episode, we will discuss other different metals like Silver, Iron and how these metals are related to astrology please like, comment on my video
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