Giveaway! Knitter’s Pride SmartStix Needle Sets

This week I have a giveaway for two Knitter’s
Pride SmartStix needle sets. You see it looks like a beautiful clutch purse
but it’s actually a needle set. I’ll open this up. Knitter’s Pride and their cases, they’re always
outdoing themselves. We have the needle tips and this little pouch
that holds the chords for 24, 32 and 40-inch needles and the end caps and keys. Everything you need tidy in this little pouch. I’ll get my glasses on so I can tell you exactly
what sizes are in here. It’s US sizes 4 to 11 and metric sizes 3.5
to 8.0. That’s the wind. That’s crazy. We’re in the studio and the wind just picked
up. Anyway, makes for an interesting video, doesn’t
it? It’s definitely the wintertime in Texas. Anyway, Smart. Let’s get back to these needles. Smart, S-M-A-R-T stands for save time, measure,
access gauge, reduce clutter, and test yarn weight. So let’s go ahead and take a look. I can show you one of the cool features of
these needles. You see here that they are marked off by inches. And if you’re an American and you use inches,
that’s really handy. Now, I have this little swatch going here. I’m sitting in front of the TV. If I hold my needle like this, I can see that
I’ve knit one, two, three. I need to knit a little bit more, another
inch and maybe another row to get to four inches to knit a four-inch swatch. And I can also test my gauge this way. If I’m working towards four inches, one, two,
three, four, looks like I’m two and a half stitches too wide. I need to use a smaller needle size for this. You will also have the inches on the cord. I don’t think I’d use those as much as I would
as I have been using them on the needle but that is an option. And the other thing you can do with this is
test wraps per inch. And if you use a lot of different yards you
know that needle companies can say just about any yarn is any weight and they can say something
is worsted when you can tell that it’s fingering. You can actually test the yarn weight by using
the raps per inch or WPI technique. I’ll give you a link to my WPI video right
here. You wrap exactly one inch and then count those
wraps and that is how to determine standards in yarn weights. And I think that’s all I wanted to show you
with this. Just one more thing I want to say is comparing
these needles to zings because I know somebody is going to ask, they are the same material
as Knitter’s Pride zings but the needles themselves are quite different. The zings have a long taper and a sharper
point. These have a shorter taper and not a blunt
point but a blunter point than the zings. Both are great all-purpose needles. Both are great. I can’t think of any yarn you wouldn’t want
to use these with or any kind of knitter I wouldn’t recommend these needles. But the the longer taper, no, let me say,
the shorter taper on these is more suited to someone that has maybe an issue with tight
knitting, working really close to the tips of the needles and maybe resulting in tight
knitting because that shorter taper is going to let you get that stitch to the fullest
part of the needle so that the stitch is the full size and not a tight stitch. That wind is crazy. I wonder if my microphone is picking that
up. Anyway, to enter, if you want to win one of
these two SmartStix, and we’re about ready to get blown to Oz here I think, just click
the little ‘i’ in the upper right-hand corner to go to my website. I’ll have a link where you can read more about
these and the form to enter. There’s also a link in the video description
field below. A nice way to kick-off 2020. Good luck.

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