Giant Ornament Cake | How to Make Giant Christmas Ornament Cake | Christmas Recipes

hey everyone it’s James from fun foods and today i will show you how to make this ornament cake really easy to do so keep watching our show you step-by-step how to make this now the first you want to do is start off with two and a half cups of flour have that in a large bowl here you want to add one third cup of cornstarch and a half a teaspoon of salt now just whisk this together until it’s all well combined then just take this set this aside we’ll come back to it shortly now the medium bowl I have two and a half cups of sugar just regular old white sugar and add to its two sticks of butter which equals 1 cup now this butter is softened at room temperature now we’re just going to cream this together until it’s all well combined when that’s all well combined we’re going to add two teaspoons of vanilla extract we’re going to add seven eggs to this but we’re going to add one egg at a time so you can just kind of plop them in there now I had to transfer my wet mixture into a larger Bowl so if you’re going to do this start with the larger bowl with your wet mixture now we’re going back to our dry mixture and i’m just going to add about half of this into this bowl here and we can mix it up now also have one cup of heavy cream this is just heavy whipping cream i’m only going for about half than in right now some poor that in there and mix it through and for our other half of our dry mixture and mix it through for the next step i have these 3d ball pans it just comes in two separate all shapes and it comes on a little thing here so to hold them in place and what I’m gonna do is take some butter and I want to line the inside of it each one now after they’ve been lying you just want to sprinkle a little bit of flour and each one just take it and kind of work it around just want to cover really good little more flour and after you’ve done that you want to make sure they’re nice and even and then we want to take our batter and scoop some out and put some in each one thank you fill each one is about three-fourths of the way full it’s okay if it’s a little too much but we don’t want to be not enough we want to cover at least to the top and just take this put this in the oven at 350 degrees for between 35-45 minutes now addition to our cake pans i also have some cupcakes and I have these little liners so they’ll pop out nice and easy I’m gonna fill some of these up as many as i can just use up the remainder of the batter and just bake these as well and when they come out of the oven you just wanted to cool down but before we get them to cool down just take either a butter knife or spatula like this and you want to kind of work it in around the pan just to loosen up a bit now one sec cooldown remove them from the pan and also even out the cakes so it’s gonna pop out really easy nice and simple and as you see right where it crest that’s where we want to trim it so right there and now i’m gonna do the crumb coat of my cake and what I need to do first I have some frosting here that I made his homemade frosting but you can use just regular old vanilla frosting and just color it whatever color you want my smear a little on my little turntable here this is going to hold it in place and I’ve selected this one to be the bottom so I’m gonna lock that down press it in a little bit then i’m gonna fill the inside of it with some of my frosting next I’ll just take my top part and lined up directly on top and press it in a little bit now we can just decorate the rest of this and like I said this is the crumb coat so it doesn’t have to look great right now just kind of smear it on there really good so I have one of the cupcakes here that I made now these didn’t take as long to bake as the cake did because they’re not as big so you have to watch them Just pull it out and I’m gonna cut this pretty much the same way I did the cake this is going to serve as my top to my ornament but what I want to do is I just have regular icing regular white icing and I’m gonna ice this thing now the crumb coat on that as well and I’m just gonna pop it right on the top there press it down really good now just take this put this in the refrigerator until firms up so now i have a pull n Peele twizzler here and all want to do is separate this and we just want to shape it into like a big loop like this and after shape them you can just leave them sitting out so they will harden up a little bit make it easier for us to push them into our cupcake now we just want poor cake out of the refrigerator to make sure it’s firmed up a little bit what we’ll do is start by decorating the top part first then we’ll work down and now i want to put the finishing coat on the top so it’s gonna put some white frosting on there and when that’s done now we’ll move on to the rest of the ornament so I have some green sprinkles here I’m going to sprinkle it on the green part while it’s still wet but i’m going to cover up the white part with this hopefully it’ll work you can take our pull n peel twizzlers that we have formed up earlier i put these in the freezer just so it’ll stiffen up a little bit more make it easier for me to push this in so you may want to start some holes with a toothpick will help it stay in place there you go and that’s our christmas ornament well thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed watching me make this ornament cake if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button also hit that big red subscribe button if you’re not already subscribe to get new videos every Sunday and for the whole month december i’ll be doing two videos a week one on sunday one on thursday so be sure to check back frequently and for now check out some of the videos i have off to the side I think you may enjoy those as well and until then i’ll see you next week

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