Florida Fishing: What the heck did I just hook?

NOOOO! Ok let’s back up for a second. We have been here for about 4 hours now. Its around 7:00 at night. And we have been catching bluefish all day. Man I love bluefish. So much fun. As the sun is getting lower, however,
the atmosphere here is changing and the inlet is really coming to life. Fisherman begin pulling out their special local lures called ” Flair Hawks” to begin catching bigger game fish. But Brendon continues to stick with his topwater plug because he is having alot of fun on it We are fishing an outgoing tide right now,
meaning the water is moving outwards. So when Brendon casts out his lure, he doesn’t
actually have to cast that far, he can just let the water drift it out for him. So I’m just drifting my topwater out right
now, I casted it out as far as I can. Got one? Got a bite? Letting it drift out like a hundred and fifty
yards and then I’m Going to work it back. OH! Holy Sh*T that hit like a F*@*$NG brick wall! It just slammed it! That was really cool! Everyone has been catching bluefish all day,
but all of a sudden the fisherman next to Brendon hook onto something bigger. Wow. This man is obviously an expert, he knows
how to fight the fish and he knows how to land the fish with finesse. He makes it look easy. We’ve been out here for hours and he comes
in and just catches a big ol’ fish within 10 minutes. If you are inexperienced at fishing this location,
my word of advice… is while there are big fish here, they are not easy to catch. Spend some time observing, talking and asking
questions even before you cast out. There are many unspoken rules of this inlet. An you need to be respectful of the other
fishermen. Watch how other fisherman fish with each other. Watch how they handle their fish. And try not to tangle up anyones line! This inlet is teaming with life. Fishermen to our right and left are finding
enormous fish of all different species. This man not only caught a nice snook, but
he also caught a really healthy looking sheepshead with weird teeth. So weird, oh my gosh! Look at that! That is Freaky Deaky! Wow and their stripes are gorgeous. That little black drum looks just like it. Wow. Good job! Thank you. Brendon takes the local advice and switches
his lure to a flair hawk. And the man standing next to him hooks up
on another fish. And this just proves that this guy really
does know what he is doing. Hes kind of an “In-and-Out” fisherman. Meaning that while everyone else is out there
all day, he just comes in catches 2 keepers within 20 min and heads back home. GOT ONE! ERIN! *Heart beating* This the moment every fisherman waits for. *Heavy breathing* Come on my baby! Got it Brendon?! *Reel screams* OH MY GOD! NOO! He still had your bucktail! Yea, he has my bucktail. That thing was MASSIVE! I saw it!. I’m shaking. You just lost your dinner boy! I think that was over, that thing was huge! Brendon that was awesome. That thing was MASSIVE. Lets take a second and look at the difference
between these two fish. When the expert fisherman was hooked up earlier,
his fish also jumped out of the water. But it looks to me, that the fisherman pulls
his rod down helping the fish back into the water and preventing it from shaking its head. When the fish Brendon caught jumped, he let
go of his reel, and pulled up, the fish then shook its head and sliced the line with a
quick swipe of his sharp gills. I’ve been using this Flair Hawk, and these are bucktails, except the bucktails of Florida.They have this longer tail comming out of it and that’s
really the only difference that I can see. I let it sink a little bit, and I just started
reeling it in and bouncing it off of what felt like rocks, and then I thought I got
snagged, but then the rock started moving really fast! See I tied it like this last time James, the
knot was stuck in the circle.Yea.. Don’t do that. Thats why I broke off… No he frayed you off. He frayed me of? I think his teeth. You think this is okay? I think so… Its okay that its all on one side like that? NO! You have to have it up. How do I do that?! So I am still very new at this. The snook isn’t a fish you can catch on your
first or second try and if you have… You are lucky. I’ve learned alot from my fellow fishermen
here, and I am going to keep trying to catch a snook in my upcoming videos. So be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for
what is up next.

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