FLEUR DE LYS Knit Stitch Pattern

The Fleur De Lys Knit Stitch Pattern Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio
Knit! It’s Knitting Lesson Monday and today we
are knitting the Fleur de Lys vintage pattern. Fleur de Lys are a stylized French Lily. We are going to knit with two colors using
stranded color work. We begin by Casting on in multiples of six
plus three. So, I cast on six, then another six, and I’m ending my cast on with three
more stitches. So, we begin by knitting in the blue for three
stitches. And then you’ll see that within the aestericks, we are going to repeat that
pattern for the length that you have stitches on your needle. So, we begin with one white
knit stitch, and then five blue knit stitches. And we continue within those aestericks the
W1 and the B5, the one White and the five Blue, until you reach the end of your needle.
In stranded colorwork, we always work our accent color, so this is, like the white yarn
that we’re using. We are going to keep that on top of the blue yarn. And you’ll see a
little bit more of that demonstrated as we go along. And now we are going to Purl one
with our white yarn and we always keep that on top of the blue. And then, within the aestericks,
we are going to do three blue purl stitches and three white purl stitches. Until we reach
our last two stitches on our needle. And those will be two blue purl stitches. Next on row
three, we begin with knitting three blue stitches, and again, just like row one, within the aestericks,
we are going to do one white stitch
and five blue stitches and keep repeating that until you get to the end of your needle. Oh, if you enjoy learning vintage knitting
patterns, please hit LIKE and COMMENT to let me know you would like to see more Knit Stitch
videos like this. Here on row four, it’s a purl row and we begin
with two blue stitches. And again, we are keeping our white accent color on the top
of our stranded colorwork and we will do one white stitch and five blue purl stitches all
the way down our needle. And here’s how our stranded colorwork is shaping up so far. Pretty
cool! Okay, row five! We are going to knit two white stitches and then within the aestericks
there, we are going to repeat, we are going to go three blue stitches and three white
stitches and we will keep repeating the blue three and the white three until we get to
our final stitch, which will be one blue stitch. Okay, row six! It’s our very last row of the
series. And so we are going to do purling beginning with purl blue two times and then
within the aestericks, we’ll do one white purl and five blue purls and we will repeat
what’s within the aestericks there the one white and the five blue until we get to our
very final stitch and that will be one white purl stitch. So, here’s how our wrong side looks with
our stranded colorwork, and the gorgeous FLEUR DE LYS pattern on the right side. Repeat these six rows and continue your knitting
for the length you desire in the FLEUR DE LYS pattern! Thank You so much for watching Studio Knit.
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sure to check out my other knit stitch patterns, too, like my popular SEED STITCH and keeping
our French theme going, go check out my EIFFLE TOWER STITCH. It’s so cool. Bye!

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