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Hiya, I’m Gav. I’m Dan! We’re the – **Chuckles** – Slow Mo Guys, Dan is very excited today. This actually – You wanted to do this one, Dan: I have.
Gav: You saw a video on the internet, of a guy, spinning wire wool. Yeah, fireworks sort of thing, it looks like a Catherine Wheel, except homemade. So – Gav: Except, you’re the wheel. Dan: Yeah, exactly. We got some wire wool here, very fine stuff, the ‘0000’ grade. And, uh, you sort of puff it out, attach it to some wire, spin it around, while it’s on fire, And because the air is all rushing through it, It sort of just goes: Dan: Bguuush
Gav: Buuussh Gav: Almost took my eye out with that there, almost. Dan: Happy with that
Gav: Yeah. Gav: Um.. I’m a bit – bit worried about it’s because we’re going to be showering sparks in every direction. Dan: Really hot sparks as well. Gav: So let’s dampen down the grass, because, uh, you know, the grass looks good. Dan: Is that a good idea Fire Martial, yeah? Dan: Alright cool, cheers.
Gav: What was that? Gav: What, sorry I can’t hear you, ’cause you’re not real. Gav: Nope.
Dan: Sh-Shut up! So we usually don’t film this late in the day, this sun is almost completely… you know, off the ground. But we want the darkness for this one, ’cause we want the fire to be the.. the, the only light! Gav: So, as soon as it goes, B, Dan “B”: It’s going now. Gav: Just go mental with it. Yeah. Gav: WOAH!!! Woo! Dan: Flippin’ Heck. Ha ha! Gav: Ok hold on, hold it still. Ok, go for it. Well Dan, I think, that was a Majestic looking video. Dan: Ah, it’s so pretty! We experimented with a lot of different stuff, like: wide open shutter, Lower frame-rates, actually, as well. to get, uh, the light on you. And I thought it looked tremendous! It was like a little music video going on. Dan: I burned you. Gav: Yeah! At one point you splashed me with about 500 sparks, In the face, Dan: Really enjoyed that.
Gav: – and the neck. Dan: That was good fun! ** Gavin cries out ** Gav: Ah! Ah! Dan: *Laughs*
Gav: *******! Dan: My favourite part of the video, in fact. Gav: So, this is about to go up, So do feel free to follow us on Twitter, buy a shirt, and Subscribe to the Slow Mo Guys. Dan: It’s almost like… What’s that stuff in minecraft called, that lights up? Gav: Glowstone? Dan: Glowstone, Yeah. It’s almost like that, isn’t it. Gav: Glowstone. Dan: Glowstone… Dan: Cool. Gav: See you next time! Dan: Goodnight. Gav: Do a little whirl. Gav: Ooo! Both: Oh! Oh Oh! Dan: Oh God! Haha, it’s burning! Dan: What did we expect?
Gav: Haha, I don’t know! Oh God, I want to say a big Thank You to audible, for sponsoring this video. It’s a great service. They’ve got over 180,000 audio books available, From things like: Sci-Fi, Fantasy to Business and Biography. At the minute, I’m listening to The Martian, by Andy Weir. If you liked the movie, you should definitely listen to the book. There’s no better way to get involved in the story. And, It’s really sort of, It’s much more emotional than the film because you can connect with the characters, ’cause it’s a book. Uhm, Yeah, I’d say it’s out of this world. Yeah. Gav: Idiot.
Dan: What what? Look, just click on the link below, Audible.com/slowmo, and get a free trial, you’ll love it.

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