The Flag Knit Stitch Pattern. Hi Guys, I’m
Kristen and thank you for joining me here on Studio Knit where we are
knitting up this Flag Knit Stitch Pattern It has a beautiful depth of
texture I’ve also seen this flag stitch called either the Pennant stitch or the
Triangle stitch as well and it’s an easy level project because all you have to do
is knit and purl so it’s perfect for all of you who have completed my Absolute
Beginner Knitting Series so let’s take a close look at how it knits up we have
these vertical lines of stockinette right here and then we have these little
boxes right here with a little flag stitch so it’s a triangle and half of it
right here is the Garter stitch and the other half is the Stockinette stitch and
this is a reversible stitch so you’ll see here the right side or the front
side if you flip it over the wrong side looks totally identical
so it’s reversible making it perfect for scarves or blankets. For our materials
you can use any yarn or knitting needle size that you’d like I’m using bulky
weight yarn with number 10 knitting needles here of course you’ll want to
have some scissors and a tapestry needle on hand. For the pattern I have the
written pattern totally for free for you over on my website and I have a link to
that down in the description below. I also have a printable pdf in my Knit
Stitch Pattern Book and that is available for immediate download over on
Etsy. So go check that out if you’re interested in owning all of these knit
stitch patterns there’s over 24 of them in the book right now. And a great way to
save this for later is to PIN it to Pinterest.
And if you like this pattern do me a favor like up this video it really helps
me out. So let’s jump right into it and knit it up. To begin, our beloved slip knot
starts us off as always and we are going to be casting on I’m using the long tail
cast on method. Super simple I have all the techniques linked down below for you
as well. And we’re casting on multiples of seven plus one. So what that means is
you start with seven and you keep casting on until you have the width that
you desire I have four sets of seven and then plus one there’s just this last
little knit stitch you just do one more when you’re done with your series of
seven and then we are ready to knit this up. So beginning on Row 1 and you’ll
see I have the pattern written out for you over on the left so k1 that means a
knit one and we’re just knitting one stitch and I need to get that little
yarn tail to stay down and I’m going to bring my yarn to the front because we’re
purling one. Now you’ll see there’s the asterisks that means we’re repeating
between the asterisks so we purl one right here we’re going to
bring it back around to the back and then we’re going to knit six and I’m
just going to speed this up so you don’t have to sit around watching me knit
every single stitch this is just an overview so you have a really good sense
of how this knits up when you’re ready to cast it on your needles as well. And
just repeat the pattern between the asterisks all the way down the row. Let’s
take a look at how it’s shaping up you can’t really see the pattern quite yet.
Okay row 2 it begins with asterisks so that means that P5 were purling five
stitches right here and again I’ll speed it up just a little bit for us and then
we’re going to be knitting two and we continue between asterisks P5 K2 which
is Purl five and Knit two all the way down the row until we get to the very
end and that is just purling one last stitch. And let’s see at shaping up Row 3. Again it’s just knitting one and then we’re doing the pattern repeat between
those asterisks and this time around it’s going to be purling three stitches
and then knitting four stitches and of course continuing this pattern all the
way down the row and moving on to Row 4 we are purling three stitches and
knitting four stitches between those asterisks right there and we just repeat
that pattern all the way down the row finishing with one purl stitch so now we
definitely can see the pattern starting to form and just two more rows guys okay
so Row 5 is Knitting 1 and then we’re Purling 5 stitches and Knitting 2 and then moving along to row six we
begin with one purl stitch and then the repeat begins between those Asterix
there so it is K6 P1 so we’re just knitting 6 stitches and purling 1 and
we’re continuing that all the way to the end of our row And now it’s time to admire our work and
the pattern definitely is showing the depth and the triangles the Stockinette
the Garter I just love how it all works together right here it’s just so pretty
and of course you continue knitting these six rows until your piece is the
length that you desire. I hope you are inspired to try this Flag Knit Stitch
Pattern. Thanks again so much for watching and I will see you next time, Guys. Bye!


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