Faux Stained Glass Mosaic Christmas Ornament cards- Handmade DIY Holiday Cards

hi everyone and welcome back to my
channel today I have a new video tutorial where I created a few Christmas
cards and holiday cards using mica sheets and alcohol inks I hope you enjoy
the process as I’ve really liked working with these mica sheets that I got me for
my friend Cheryl and I created another video recently where I made ATC’s in
this way but this time I made cards and I run these sheets through my
die-cutting machine so the first thing I did is I took the sheets that she gave
me out of my plastic bag and I started separating them they are very thin
sheets and they’re shiny and very smooth so they’re perfect for alcohol inks I
really want to try them with some other mediums as well but right now I’m just
enjoying the process of using them with the alcohol inks I am linking below in
the description area all the products I use today
and the links of where you can buy them I found some of these type of sheets on
Amazon and if you’re interested in buying them and creating these type of
cards or just creating backgrounds using them and alcohol inks then you can go
ahead and purchase these the ones I found are a little bit darker they have
like more of a vintage tinge to them they’re a little bit brownish however
they still work the same way and you can stain them and they look amazing so what
I did is I took the sheets and I separated them inside two trays these
are plastic containers that I have from some packaging these are from stamps or
dye packaging and the nice thing about them is that they have a little bit of
an indent so you can place them inside and not stain your mat then I took a few
of my favorite alcohol ink colors and I started staining them in the background
I wanted to create some that have more of Christmasy colors like green
and reds and gold and then I wanted to create some that are blues and Silver’s
so that’s going to be on the other tree so all you have to do is just spill it
on top of the mica sheets and the colors will blend with each other you can also
add the mix it is and gold and silver and they are really nice color to the
background I thought I would need the alcohol solution but I ended up just
adding the colors without having to dilute them or blend them because they
blend it nicely on their own you can definitely use the same technique with
the alcohol inks using either some yellow paper or some acetate or even the
packaging that I’m using here without the mica sheets you just use the alcohol
in and stain the actual plastic however what I like about the Mica’s sheets is
that not only are they smooth and shiny but they also have this texture to them
that has almost like vane like looking lines in between the mica sheets and
what it does is that when you add your alcohol inks they tend to go in between
those veins and create beautiful texture so I really like the texture it creates
because it makes it look like stained glass almost like a mosaic stained glass
background my idea was to create faux ornaments on top of the cards so I
thought that a stained glass look for the ornament was a perfect solution
because it would look so nice and it would make it look like a real ornament
made out of glass what I did is I took two sets of dies one of them is the
circle die from tonic studios and the other one is the star shaped dies from
umbrella crafts from scrapbook com and what I did is I took some white
cardstock and I traced the dies on top of the white card stock
I could have first stuck a bunch of the mica flakes and then die-cut them
through with the actual shapes however I didn’t want to waste a lot of my pieces
so I figured that if I outline the area first then I will only stick the mica in
the places where the actual shape is and that helped to not waste as much of my
colored mica then I took some matte gel this is a Prima finna bear matte gel and
I started gluing them I cut to the back if you want your pieces to be very shiny
then I do recommend you using some gloss gel instead of some matte gel the
magical still keeps the shininess of the mica but not as much as if you use the
gloss gel I didn’t actually have a gloss gel at hand so mine are not as shiny as
I would have liked to but they still have a beautiful luster so I’m gluing
all the pieces to the background of each of the outline shapes and once I’m done
I’m going to die cut each piece with the original dies
I realized that I had so much of the mica left over that I ended up creating
one more star for an extra card originally I was going to make only
three cards but then I ended up making four and I used the rest of the mica to
glue on top of this star it’s really important to make sure that
the pieces are glued really well together and then you should also add
some of the gel on top to make sure that everything seals into place that will
help when you’re running the dye through the machine to make sure that none of
the pieces come apart I also cut out four pieces of card stock which I ran
through an embossing folder to create these beautiful lines in the background
then I took some noodle mousse in both the mother of pearl and silver color and
added a little bit of a shimmery luster to the background I did two cards in the
mother-of-pearl that it’s kind of a golden color and I did two of them in
the silver as well I use my Tim Holtz blending tool to actually apply it
because it applies it really smoothly and it looks amazing because it has such
a beautiful luster and shimmer I also went ahead and stamped all my
sentiments I use the same stamp for all of them which is a Concord in ninth
Merry Christmas stem from the Oh Christmas tree
stamp set I took my stamp block and stamp some Versamark ink on a piece of
white cardstock of course I first used my powder tool to just make sure that no
embossing powder would stick to the background then I stamped two of the
phrases and embossed them with princess gold Ranger embossing powder once I was
done heat setting the princess gold one I went ahead and stamped them again but
this time I went ahead and I embossed them in a silver embossing powder
because two of the cards were in gold hues and the other ones were in the
silver hues you once all the sentiments were heatset I
went ahead and trimmed them down and then gave them a nice shimmery look with
the same Nouveau Musa have used before so I just rubbed some of the
mother-of-pearl on the golden background and some of the silver on the silver
embossed background once the gel was thoroughly dry I went
ahead and die cut to pieces on each of the backgrounds you have to make sure
that the gel is fully dry so that dyes don’t stick to the gel and ruin your
project I arrange the dyes so it fits perfectly on top of each piece of mica
and then I stuck it down with some microspore tape so I could run it
through the die cut machine you now it’s time to assemble the cards and
to do this I needed to get some thread to make it look as if it’s an ornament
so what I did is I took some golden thread and I used my gel to put a few
threads together to make the thread be a bit thicker than the one I had I wanted
to make sure that the thread can be seen through the card to stick the thread I
use just regular scotch tape and I just went and stuck it both in the front and
in the back by measuring where it goes according to the ornament and of course
many times I didn’t Center it properly so you see me trying to adjust the
thread to make sure that it is centered according to the circle that I’m going
to add afterwards and sometimes I have a hard time centering things I guess
because every single card happened that way once I know where the ornament goes
I took some of my art glitter glue and went ahead and stuck a circle in the
middle i pre-made some golden bows and I stuck those at the top of the ornament
because I really wanted it to look like a perfect ornament from a tree then I
took some foam tape and stuck the sentiment to the center of that ornament for the second card I did the exact same
thing I took the string and stuck it in two
places because I had two smaller ornaments that were going to be hanging
from the top of the car so I measure where the string is supposed to go and
then stuck it in the back and I did the same thing with the second string once I
knew where the ornaments go and of course I had to kind of shift a little
bit because I always got them in the wrong place I went ahead and stuck all
the other elements as well the bow and the sentiment and this made it look as
if there’s two ornaments hanging from the top of the card for the star-shaped ornaments I did the
exact same thing but I did have an extra star out there so what I did is I ended
up layering it and cutting another die cut of a white star and adding it to the
center so it would match up with the rest of the background for the ribbon on
top of the ornament I only had blue ribbon I actually did not have silver
ribbon so what I did is I took the silver nuva mousse and stained the top
of my ribbon so it would look more silverish insuit shimmery then I went
ahead and started assembling the card so what I did is I took the big star and I
stuck it like I did before using the string to make it look as if it’s
hanging from the top of the card and glue the string again with scotch tape the star in the middle which I layered
in between the large and small star was actually cut from the same card stock
and then embossed with the same embossing folder that way it looked as
if it was a continuous line between the background and that star I went ahead
and glued the large star first then I put the middle one and then the small
one right on top I didn’t Center this large star in the
middle because I didn’t want to send him in to cover this small star in the
middle so what i did is i skew the sentiment to the side I also added a
small gemstone on top of the bow once I glued both of them together to make it a
little bit different from the other cards the last card was assembled the same way
as the other card with the two ornaments I went ahead and measured where the
string is supposed to go and then glued it to the background as I had done with
all the other ones then I did the same thing with the second ornament and
assembled my whole card once all the cards were done I took some
foam tape and I glued the background to an a2 note card these backgrounds are an
eighth of an inch smaller than an a2 note card so they can have a little bit
of a trim around the border thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed
watching these as much as I loved making them I really loved this stained glass
look and mosaic feel to each of the ornaments my favourites are actually the
circular ornaments because they really look like real ornaments but I do love
the star colors because blues and greens are some of my favorite colors to work
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