Fall Harvest – Harvest Moon Door Ornament DIY Video Tutorial

Take embroider hoop apart Place square piece of fabric over the inner hoop Place outer hoop onto that Pull wrinkles out of fabric Cut excess fabric off going all the way around the hoop. Glue edges of fabric on backside going allthe way around. Let dry. Cut or break off your selected floral pieces Place hoop front side up Figure out how you want to place the floral pieces on the hoop and glue them onto it. Trim off bottoms if needed. Curve the wire. Caution – Glue is hot! Tie ribbon around wires to hold together. Trim off ribbon. Cover over stems with floral poeces. Glue ribbon on edge of hoop going all the way around the hoop. Spray with adhesive glue over hoop Sprinkle glitter over the glue and let dry. Happy Fall Harvest and/or Harvest Moon! Thanks for watching! From The Queens Craftshop! Click “Like and Subscribe”

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