Experimental Weapon: Knitting Needles Slingshot

I don’t like that there’s a bit of a twist.>>What‽ How am I bleeding?
>>YOU!! How did that happen?>>I don’t even know how that happened!>>You cut yourself on the PVC pipe! [deep synthetic rumble] [electrical pop]
[gentle vinyl static] [rising chime]
Jason Murphy, just answer me this, is this
your own invention?>>Eh, yeah.>>I mean, technically
it’s the same idea as the,
what was it called, the hot shot–
the pocket shot or whatever that we did? [metallic plink] BRIAN: Yeah!
>>KATELYN: Ooh!>>Yeah, there’s not
a lot of ingenuity to it. I just thought,
you know what? How can we make that
even more evil?>>This is taking all the most
dangerous elements we’ve had before. The danger of all the times that we’ve used slingshots,
whether with ninja stars or with BB shot. [music] [slowed slingshot sound] [foam tumbles and crashes] [foam hits floor]>>And now with giant needles!
[Brian sighs]>>Okay.
Okay.>>It’s a simple build,
I don’t know if it’s going to work but man,
I want to try!>>Okay let’s go, let’s go!>>What I’m going to do,
we’re just disassembling– taking the sling
part of the slingshot, right?>>Yeah.
>>Taking that off.>>I’m going to bet
that you can use I guess, surgical tubing, you could probably use even balloons
or rubber bands for this.>>Yeah.>>BRIAN: We’ve got latex gloves. We’ve got barbecue skewers,
we’ve got soda cans. [slowed snap and pop]>>And then we’re going to take
this little metal clasp…>>BRIAN: I figure we are going to–>>JASON: Oh! You want the metal cinch
really tight. You can only draw it back
this far, right?>>BRIAN: I am going to hold this here.
>>Okay.>>See how hard it is
to pull it one length back.>>Don’t let go.>>No, you don’t let it go
and don’t let it hit me. Does that seem right?
Is there any chance that you would pull this back
and it would like, I don’t know, slip, and smack your face? I guess… any time you have
a rubber-based tension device you run the risk of it snapping
and hitting stuff>>Yeah, absolutely. And you want to
make sure that you get that really, really tight.
>>Yeah.>>Because when I was doing
a few test pulls it came back and
snapped me in the chest.>>Oh really?
>>Yeah. But I didn’t have it
nearly tight enough, like, not even for a moment.
>>[with sarcasm] This is very encouraging.>>It’s going to be fine!>>This is on like that.>>Yeah!>>Oof.
[nonverbal mumbling]>>We should absolutely have protection on.>>Also, this is not
sufficient eye protection I’m going to rely on
the fact that I have goggles and…
and glasses.>>Also probably not
sufficient eye protection. [vinyl crackling] We’re going to go ahead
and put a secondary clasp on here just in case.
>>Redundancy. Smart.>>And that still doesn’t protect us
if say, the… thing tears or whatever, yeah.
>>Rubber snaps, yeah. Okay, so that’s double locked on there.
>>Yeah.>>BRIAN: I feel not so bad about it.
>>Okay! Do you want to give it the first shot?
>>[with trepidation] I guess.>>Just launch it out into the field?
>>Yeah. So here, we’ll take this dull one.
>>Okay.>>Oh my goodness… [sinister laughter]>>I don’t like that there’s a bit of a twist in it.
>>[distracted] What‽ How am I bleeding?
>>[something between “you” and “no”] How did that happen‽
>>I don’t even know how that happened!>>You cut yourself on the PVC pipe! ♪ [bass beat, club music]
[echoing] Roll it back! ♪ Da-da da da da da da ♪>>When did that happen?
[dance beat continues] ♪ You got cut by plastic! ♪
[music fades out] [amused] Yeah you definitely–
you got a paper cut on this. [laughter] You load it like a mortar.
♪ [music picks up]>>>BOTH: Loaded!>>BRIAN: We got one loaded.
>>Yep! All right, here we go.
We are live. Fire in the hole. Three, two… [launch snap] That landed behind us.
That’s probably not good.>>No, it was right over here. [slowed launch snap] [music continues]>>BRIAN: Where?
>>JASON: It hit the tree
and then landed over here.>>Yeah.
I don’t like that it hit the tree. [laughter] Oh you did find it. Two things about this. One, it is awkward that you have to have
your aiming hand work counter to your force-pulling hand [Jason affirms]
and is sort of akimbo
and flying all around. I feel like the perfect version of this
would have something to rest in here, but I’d be kind of like pulling back
and then firing, and I’d have more stability.>>Okay.
>>But I don’t know for our improvised scenario that that would be much of an option So I can feel it
on my belly here. I’m going to–
get that on there, okay. And now… very far away,
I–what, straight up?>>JASON: Sure!
>>BRIAN: Three, two, one. [launch snap] [laughter] It looks exactly like when
Superman throws the crystal from planet Krypton.
>>Does it just–>>It just tumbles
end over end. So, I’m going to bet that there’s a reason
arrows have those feathers on them and that it’s never going to fly
true over long distance.>>Fletching is a real thing.
>>Yeah.>>They’re not just decorative!>>Right.
>>I could have sworn– [vhs ejection]>>BRIAN: All right,
so we got duct tape on here. We’ll see if this does anything.>>Looks a little janky,
but the whole thing is.>>I don’t even know if it’s going to
slide down like that. [Brian stammers] See, I’m afraid I’m just going to
pinch and ruin the fletching now.>>JASON: Maybe.
>>BRIAN: Okay, here I go. Weapon is live. Three, two… [launch snap] It flew straightish.>>Straightish, yeah.
Which is–>>It didn’t tumble end over end.
>>Yeah, that’s an improvement.>>We’ll see if,
for the first time we can get the right side of the weapon to hit. Three, two, one. [slow launch snap]
♪ [music] [high-pitched] Eh?>>Better!
That’s an improvement.
>>Better, better! Part of the problem is I don’t think
we’re getting enough forward momentum because we can’t pull it back far enough.
>>Yeah.>>I guess we could
move this forward and have it be
even tighter at the bottom but I’d prefer to be
farther back.>>Longer, yeah.
>>Yeah.>>So, we found this
curtain rod floating around inside.>>I like it! Cannibalizing things around the house
to make them… dangerous!>>Do you want to try
just firing just this without any pointy bits at the end?>>Let’s try it!
>>Okay. All right.>>What could go wrong?>>[laughing] Welcome to our channel.>>Here we go.>>JASON: Got it? Okay!>>BRIAN: Oh my god. Three, two, one. [slow launch snap] It still,
it just flops sideways!>>Yeah.
>>Okay and I honestly feel like for us to go any farther back,
we really risk this thing flying back into our face. It’s not like a slingshot
where you have something that you’re able to brace yourself. This thing is the thing
that sliced your hand, now imagine it coming at your face!>>So you’re saying, my weapon making skills need work. [with indignation] That’s okay!>>I’m saying,
we need to turn to the real experts, the audience
for their suggestions on this.>>Mm, okay.
>>I think we’re almost on to something, but just the unwieldiness… I’m going to say “Yes,”
to a last ditch prison weapon, pretty much “No,” to anything else, right?>>[with disappointment] Yeah. — CC BY BIZARRE MAGIC — All right.
Back to the drawing board. Back to my Wile E. Coyote Pinterest board of murder.
[Brian cackles]>>I want that to be our real Pinterest board! Wile E. Coyote
Pinterest board of murder!>>I’m going to start it!
[Jason laughs] See, this is more effective.>>Nope, nope!
[Brian cackles]

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  • Okay one thing I noticed, both of you should have separate damage counters. The one with the most days of going without damaging yourself (I.e. – bludgeoning yourself with a block of cheese as you're trying to make some sort of cheese-based explosive) should get a reward. Like, Brian has to do some ridicious thing that Jason's decided upon. Or Jason has to test something that he really hates that Brian came up with.

  • This is unrelated to the video (kinda) and I'm not trying for attention, but I feel like I need to say this somewhere, so fuck it, why not a YouTube comment section.

    Basically, I constantly feel uneasy and everything around me is fucked up, I don't mean anything about the world, I simply just mean the people around me, and nothing feels real, I feel numb, I'm a very expressive person, but when it comes to it, it all feels like a dream, I'm sure someone can relate (or at least somewhat)…and watching these two do stupid shit and laugh kinda makes me feel a bit better….I don't know how to explain perfectly how it feels, or how to explain how weird and uneasy I feel, but I'm sure someone gets it (hopefully lol)

    Aaaand that's all I had to say….that's is….nothing important, I just felt like I had to say it somewhere, so now I guess I get to wait and see what weird shit some of you people say xD

  • Bro, just put that surgical tubing on a Caribiner and make an improvised bow. Much more effective. It's called a Delbow, saw it on Hoods Woods.

  • Well you could add a T peice in the center for some sort of handle then I'd try useing a cone on the end like a blow dart you could also add weight near the end a few inches up instead of fletching

  • I have watched nothing of this video yet but it said slingshot in the title and that was enough for a like

  • I like how they started with a perfectly good sling shot then ended up with the PVC thing😂 I’m not hating on the video just funny

  • I though for sure you where going to use the curtain rod as a new barrel so the needle doesn't move around as much inside

  • It could use a handle on the front (just aT fitting and another pipe), a thinner and shorter pipe, something to help grip the middle of the rubber band (a duct tape flap perhaps), tying knots at both ends to prevent them from slipping beneath those bracers, and working on better shaped fletchings. You're definetely onto something there.

    Ps: I take no responsability for a catrastophic failure in this desing and any injuries suffered during its use. =)

  • I made one of these when I was a kid, I used aluminum arrows with no fletching and they flew straight. I think the weight of the tip of the arrow helped it fly straight

  • cut a channel into the sides so the band can go further into the pipe and apply forward pressure for longer

  • Connect 3 PVC pipes, 2 on the bottom one on top. Shorten the sling and attach it to the top pipe. Then hold bottom two for support. You may even be able to attach a stock of some kind. As for the actual ammunition itself perhaps put a few smaller fletchings down the length of the needle, like three rows of them about half the size of the ones you had.

  • Put the slingshot inside the tube with a string to pull it back. Then it can go fully forward and be pulled back further

  • First thoughts? Needs a thinner tube, a handle, and if you can manage it convert to CO2 instead. Think less slingshot and more blowgun.

  • My idea would be to put a pistol grip on it using a roughly 60 degree pvc splitter/connector Then you can adjust the location of the grip by switching the sizes of the barrels.

  • Ha ha, this is not a very good design. I tried it when I was 10 years old, trying to shoot big wool needles out of a pencil tube. Poor accuracy, short draw length and poor projectile balance ruin the weapon. Basing yourselves on a crossbow design but pulled by hand and using rubber would be better. Or simply make a flechette shooting slingshot, I think in the Philippines they call it "pana".

  • if i wasnt so lazy i could make a way better version of this but ahh its too much work even just to type it out xD

  • Perhaps a Hawaiian Sling style delivery using the hand or something attached to the hand and forearm for stability that the bands would be anchored to.
    Damn, i feel all "ASSASSINS CREED".

  • I'd put a piece of paracord through the holes in the pouch. also put knocks on projectiles. it will make for a good thing to hold aswell

  • this could be a really useful weapon if you took the foregrip off of a heavy duty drill and add a bit of duck tape in front and behind the grip to prevent the grip from slipping on the pipe. Also maybe tape a laser pointer to the underside of the pipe to act as a sighting unit

  • Put a handle on it. Just, like, a barrel grip that comes down from somewhere along the end. That should solve the problem of your being able to hold it as well as the bracing counter force that you mentioned one of the first times you shot it

  • Put a handle on it. Just, like, a barrel grip that comes down from somewhere along the end. That should solve the problem of your being able to hold it as well as the bracing counter force that you mentioned one of the first times you shot it

  • Make the pipe a bit shorter, the first reason it was tumbling end over end was that you had a lot of drag in a smooth bore barrel with a lengthy ammunition. Cut the end a bit shorter, then use duct tape and the portion cut off to improvise a grip inside of the drawn portion of the rubber, attached to the pvc that way you have better control.

  • Make the PVC not as wide so the ammo isn't moving around in it when you fire as much or I layman's terms more accurate

  • 0:44 what the f**k is that song? Its been is a few games (Ride to Hell: Retribution) and my only guess is that its a free song

  • it needs a handle. like Brian said, something to brace against… essentially you want the same slingshot but with a barrel

  • This idea actually has potential. If you retrofitted it into like a crossbow style weapon with arms on the side and the sling connected to the arms and a handle, this might work a thousand times better. Also, maybe a longer, thinner chamber? Instead of 1” PVC, maybe 3/4”? Or 1/2”? Idk. I might be talking out my ass, but my idea for that is inside the 1” PVC, the projectile might be bouncing around inside a little too much, causing the dart to flail like you guys were talking about. Constrict it to a smaller space and it might be a little more straight of a shot. Also, yes. Fletching on the dart is a must. The idea for fletching is like an airplane. No wings, no control, no stability. The fletching cuts the air more evenly and distributes the aerodynamics of the dart across the whole projectile. It also weighs it down slightly so that it changed the aerodynamics to what it needs to be. Another analogy would be vehicles. This is the reason why a truck gets 20 MPG and a car can get 35 MPG. Cars can cut the air more efficiently than trucks because of the weight difference. So you want somethig light like paper (aluminum or carbon fiber for a car) versus steel (for the dart or the truck). Also, you might’ve wanted to make a point of the curtain rod. The tube shape with open ends will not be as aerodynamic as one open end and a point on the front. I’m not scientist or one who analyzes aerodynamics, but it’s pretty easy to understand I think. Give it a try again! See if my idea works, as well as some of the other suggestions! I’ve seen some pretty good ones!

  • We used to make effectively the same thing using mechanical pencils to launch spitballs in primary school, this video just reminded me about it

  • I would have gotten a smaller size PVC pipe. I think that if the needle or curtain rod would have fit snug, then it would have shot more true towards the target. Kind of like a bullet in a barrel of a gun.

  • I know I'm late to the party and this has probably already been suggested, but – put a grip on it for stability, and cut channels on either side for the tubing to run through so your payload can't slip around out the back.

  • PVC tube with rubber going inside the tube.. reach up into the tube with a crochet needle, grab the rubber and pull it out, and test that puppy out.

  • A better way of keeping the rubber sling from being all wonky is to cut 2 channels on the sides and sand the sharp edges. Then slide the anchor point to the front more, this keeps it more stable while your pulling. Then instead of pulling the leather strap 'seat' with your hands, tie off two straps of leather to the sides of the seating pocket so your able to pull back on the rubber band while its inside the tube.

    I think that would be way better at keeping the launcher stable, th he sling part cant shoot past the end since its trapped in the 2 cut guide slots on the sides of the pipe, and finally you can get a lot more pulling force from the launcher by the assisted pullback straps keeping the leather seat center.

    The other part of the build you can add is a pistol grip, or maybe a fore grip from a rifle so your hands arnt on the tube.

    If you want you can get a pipe put a spring inside it. Cap the end on the side that's facing you, then find another PVC cap that fits inside the pipe freely. Then you can cut a slide channel out the side of the pipe, slide the inner pipe cap in and then attach a straight piece of metal through the inner cap and the slide channel. This will keep the spring in and actuate the cap back compressing the spring. When you let go it will launch whatever you put in it.

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