Etude House Tiny Twinkle Matte Chic Mini Lip Lacquer Ornament 에뛰드 하우스 리뷰 & 발색

Hello, Friends! This is me Leneha Junsu.
Welcome back to my channel. Today, we are reviewing Etude House Tiny twinkle
magic mini lip lacquer ornaments set from the Christmas 2018’s collection.
Contained an festive rose gold bauble, this lip lacquer set includes two
limited edition colors plus a best-selling color. It claims that the
richly pigmented formula stays on for a luscious look; long wearing lip lacquer trio kit; gives matte finish without smudging or smearing. The packaging is
adorable. It comes with a mini pamphlet that has all the information on the
tints. You get 2grams of each tint. So, the first color is BR402 Thank You
Berry Brown which is a deep pink color and can also be used as base when you
want to do gradient. The wands shape is quite unique. The thin tip helps with
precise lines and the curve on it hugs lips nicely. As, Etude House claims we can already see how rich and pigmented this color is. These colors dry down matte and
to be honest I’m already in love! The color looks really pretty on my lips. Now when these lacquer are already wet
they do transfer so if you want to mute down the color use the tissue like this
for more natural effect before it dries and sets permanently on your lips.
Now the second color is PK005 Icing Cream Pink which Red Velvet’s Yeri wore
as a base color and then wore Irene Red as a point color. It is a soft pink color
that is suitable for all skin tones. The wand is pretty flexible, Isn’t it? The color on my lips matches the cap of
the tint more. Isn’t it? Now, that’s how this color looks as a
stain. Now, RD303 Irene Red is one of the best-seller color that Red Velvet’s
Irene wore. It is a great point color. It is my favorite of all three. It is a
deep red color. I love how it looks on my lips. Now, this
color is so pigmented I was not able to mute it down much. So, now adopting Yeri’s idea I mixed
PK005 and RD303. I have sticky feeling over here because of course it’s the corner
of my mouth and I have saliva or whatever it’s right there
so it’s sticky there while on the other places where it has dried it’s not
sticky but I literally know that I have something on my lips now that’s not a
big thing because this happens with everyone other than that it’s fine the
color looks beautiful the mash-up of beautiful colors it looks beautiful. So,
after six hours I can confirm that this lip lacquer is waterproof, transfer proof
and smudge proof. After six hours you can see that there are some areas on my lips
from where it has faded but you can still see the color,right? It feels
comfortable on lips even now my dry lips don’t feel dry even after six hours but
my lip’s texture is noticeable. I will rate it 4/5. 0.5 I guess
4.5 /5. 0.5 for lips texture I will minus it and yes I
recommend these tints to all of you. This is me Leneha Junsu signing off. Bye!

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