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Yoonjeong’s Occupational Therapy
in Mental Health
Crocheting Basic (2) Hi, I am a mental health occupational therapist,
Yoonjeong Eom. We’ll be going over how to make chain and
single stitches today. Chain stitches will be represented as this
oval symbol, and single stitches will be represented as this cross symbol. Please remember these symbols well so that you can stitch according to a crocheting draft while knitting. In previous video it was mentioned that crocheting
is frequently used for patients with schizophrenia in field of mental health occupational therapy. The reason is that crocheting is a beneficial practice to them because of its rhythmic repetition and increase in immediate concentration. Possesed by the repetition, thinking becomes
unnecessary for the patients, and especially for people with delusional
state, crocheting can interrupt and decrease their time of delusions, helping them regain their sense of reality and physical mobility. Not only for patients with paranoid schizophrenia,
crocheting can help patients suffering from depression as well. However, because it is difficult to suggest male patients crochet due to its strong femininity, along with impossibility for patients who coincide with rheumatoid arthritis and similar cases, choose crocheting after judging the situation well. For more information, I will discuss in detail
in next tutorial. Initially, I will show you chain stitching
and single stitching. Materials needed are yarn and a hook. Previously, we went over basic crochet, a slip knot, for those who have not yet watched the previous tutorial,
please watch it first and come back. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Picking up from where we left off, place the hook in front of the yarn,
press the yarn with the back of the hook and hook it. Using the hook, pull the yarn out through the loop. With this, we have finished our first chain. Repeating the process, create total of 10 chains. Done!
These ten chains are called foundation stitch. Now we will start the single crochet. For single crochet, to move up a row, create one more chain. From there, insert the hook into the last chain, hook the yarn,
and pull it out through one loop. One more time, hook the yarn and pull through both loops this time. This is single crochet’s first chain,
repeat the process over and over. Same concept for the next step. After creating the first chain, turn the rows of crochets over. Insert the hook into the second loop from
the single crochet, hook the yarn, and pull out through one loop. Repeat the process but this time pull through both loops. This is the first chain of the single crochet, repeat the process again. Last loop is also created by pulling through
the previous chain, but be careful not to pull through the preceding chains. What is appropriate for treating depression? 1) Create an energetic verbal communication. 2) Encourage them to complete works without giving up. 3) Choose any kind of activity involving a lot of self-judgment. 4) Create a relaxing environment. 5) Create an environment easy to distinguish
between before and after the illness. Answer is 4), create a relaxing environment. Energetic conversation is incorrect because it causes mental stress, And for encouraging them to finish works too creates mental stress. For choice 3) it is recommended to suggest structured activities
involving little self-judgement,or self-determination. For choice 5), comparing before and after
the illness will make patients will become more depressed when remembered of their better former status, so suggest a rather new activity they have
never done before. I will see you again in next tutorial~ Don’t forget to subscribe,
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