Emoji Challenge w/ Alex Hook & Carson Rowland for Worldwide Day of Play ⚽ | Nick

Go, I’ll watch you,
head start, here we go! Here we go! [gasping] Wooh! What’s up, you guys?
We’re Alex and Carson here, from I am Frankie.
celebrating Worldwide Day of Play. [cheering] That’s right, calling all ballers! Bowlers. – Strike! Strike! Strike!
– Yeah! Wooh! – Strike!
– Strike! Rockers… [rock music playing] and rollers. [music playing] However you play,
Worldwide Day of Play is your day. Playing is not only fun,
it’s good for you too. In fact, doctors say it’s really important
to get your play time in. – Sounds good to me, right guys?
– Yeah! Here’s some ways kids
are playing every day. Just give me jump rope,
that’s all I need. [laughing] My favorite way to stay fit
is mud wrestling! Wa– Wait, what? Takedown! Two points!
Your turn, Dad! [whining] I love soccer. [laughing] [music playing] [drooling] Maybe if we sing that song,
he’ll come to life, ready? ♪ Oh, there once was a sandman– ♪ ♪ Life’s as extreme
as you wanna make it ♪ Wooh! Maybe we didn’t sing it right. I love getting outside,
playing sports, going camping,
and hanging out with friends. So whatever you’d like to do– Attention, attention! It’s time to get in your recommended
ten seconds of cardio with The Squat Challenge! – 3… 2… 1… Go!
– 2… 1. Go! [cheering] – Go, go, go!
– Come on, come on! [cheering] [bell ringing] – Oh!
– Oh! – I won.
– I definitely won. Who won? – Oh, no, definitely me.
– Oh, come on! – You were watching, I won.
– No, look, you won the obstacles, I definitely won
The Squat Challenge. – Who thinks I won the squat challenge?
– No, not me. – Yes. Yeah, my man, yes!
– Oh, come on! Okay players,
in honor of Worldwide Day of Play, let’s play Emoji Challenge. Can you guess this way to play? [clock ticking] It’s basketball! Jumpshot! Jumpshot! – Yeah!
– Lot of fun, lot of fun. Okay, that was an easy one,
how about this? [clock ticking] It’s Double Dutch! Round three! [clock ticking] It’s bowlin’! [music playing] It’s not called
Worldwide Day of Play for nothing, so let’s see how people play
all over the world. [music playing] [whistling] Hiyah! – This is pretty much the best day ever.
– For sure. So there you have it guys, You’re happier, you’re healthier,
you’re less stressed, you’re following doctor’s orders…
Hey, you’re welcome! Happy Worldwide Day of Play! [cheering] [laughing]

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