Embroidery Hub Ep. 39: Applique Embroidery Tutorial on Bibs | Appliques Embroidery Tips

Hey guys did you know that you can create applique without the need for any fusible materials using just your Embroidery machine stick around and I’ll show you an easy and efficient way to create applique So before we get started I just want to remind you guys that if you have any questions at all throughout the video to leave a comment below and we Will get back to you with an answer, and I also wanted to say Thank you so much to everyone who has subscribed if you haven’t subscribed yet Go ahead and click Subscribe and be sure to click on the little bell icon to make sure that you get notified whenever we post a new video So for those of you who don’t know? Applique is when you take a piece of fabric and you would hear it so another piece of fabric for decoration purposes So you can do this with a fusible material, but you can also easily do this with your machine So as you can see it only such as the outline so that would very much decrease the stitch count of the design so it’s a good way to crank out orders faster and to increase your productivity and it’s also a really good way to decorate because You can play around with patterns. You don’t have to go with a plain fabric You can use all sorts of patterns polka dots plaid anything you can think of and you can also use Fabric that you already have so it’s a good way to reuse Things that you probably thought you hadn’t know no longer had use for so these are the materials that we’re gonna be using for this Method of applique I want to remind you guys that there are many ways of doing this I actually have another video that I will Link that goes another more traditional way of doing applique but this for me is the fastest way of doing it on your machine, and we have a frame offset Button that’s going to help you do this very efficiently so I’m going to show you exactly how So I’m using a baby bib you can use whatever blank you want to embroider on I’m using tearaway because it is the adequate stabilizer for this Type of material as you can see it’s terry cloth a lot of people use tearaway on towels because they don’t want it showing through This would be the same for your bibs Also, this isn’t a very high stitch count design as you know It’s just the outline so you need the support that cutaway gives you you you’ll get away with the tearaway just fine Then I’ll have my size B hoop. I have my scissors for cutting in my snips for post embroidery cleanup and then I have here a cutout my design And this is going to be where I’m going to place it Once the embroidery does the first running stitch? And I’ll show you that in just a minute So I want to talk about how I got this cut out and there are two ways that you can do this One is go to your software. Whatever software you use and print out the actual size of your design then cut it out and then Match it with the piece of applique fabric you want to use so in my case I had this green piece of fabric, and then I would go ahead and print it out and then cut it to match this size That’s one way, and then the way that I did it because I actually resized my design on the machine Which means that it’s no longer the same size as what it is on the printout so because I resize my design on the machine I actually just did a quick little stitch out of the first running stitch and I just cut along the lines as You can see I didn’t cut too close because we don’t want the fabric to Kind of stretch back so and then it’ll leak cause like spaces in between so basically I just did a stitch and I cut out just along the lines not too Not too much, because the final satin stitch is going to cover all that up All right, so I’m just gonna quickly hook this up, and then we’re going to bring it over to the machine All right, so I have hooped as you can see my fabric is tight sounds like a drum when I turn it over And I just wanted to quickly mention that this is like a terry cloth material a textured material so typically you would use the Water-soluble stabilizer on top but since we have the fabric That’s not going to be necessary because we already have enough to keep the stitches a top alright So one thing I forgot to mention when I go went over the materials is that you will need your temporary adhesive, spray That’s going to be to adhere the applique material to the hoop so that it won’t move around I’m gonna show you exactly how in one minute So now I have my design traced and ready to go and I’m ready to hit start I just wanted to remind you guys that I put my machine on automatic manual Because that is what’s going to stop the machine after every color stop and in in an applique design Your first colors up will be your running stitch and that is what’s going to mark where you’re going to place your piece of? applicant irreal, so let’s go ahead and press start and Get this thing going As you can see the machine has finished the first color stop And it is the outline of my design now what I’m gonna Go ahead and do is to offset the frame using the panel and that’s gonna help me have space to put this baby on alright, so now you’re just going to go ahead and place the Fabric as close as possible to the outline so that was good on my first try so Once that’s placed you’re gonna. Go ahead and Don’t forget to put the frame back where it was And now that the frame is back where it was I’m gonna go ahead and press Start and it’s gonna do the final satin stitch All right, so there you have it. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this tutorial and that you liked the finished product and if you did like this video Please make sure to hit the thumbs up button below and subscribe to our Channel And I also want to take the time to invite you guys to our Facebook community Embroidery and custom apparel where you can join me and chat with other apparel decorators and embroiders So go ahead and join our community I have linked it below beat feel free to ask any questions that you have and I’ll see you guys there. Thanks for watching

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