Easy Rope Scarf with Sashay ruffle yarn (with CC – closed captions)

Welcome back to GoodKnitKisses and I’m your host Kristen. Today we’re going to to do do a rope scarf using ruffle yarn. this one is Red Heart Boutique Sashay and there are other ruffle yarns out
there see the mesh on here? and we’re gonna pull this out and make a rope scarf just pulled from
the center here you can pull from the outside find the end and we’re gonna make slipknot and instead of pulling out the ruffle
part of it we are actually keep that part of our project and work it in so we are going to make a slip knot take
that back over the front and take the back of the front again making slipknot and this is done just for their hands
and you could make a more finish peace with the large crochet hook and check out the Crochet Crowd for some
really good videos on that, too. I’m just gonna pull this through and make another slip knot i’m gonna stick my fingers through
this little hole right here through the slipknot and pull through & tighten up and then i’m gonna stick my fingers through
& pull another part of the working strand and continue this is really very simple and this knot kind of keeps getting bigger & if you see i’m not doing much of anything else but i can
pull on that working strand again and make my knot smaller so I want to continue on making this and see how simple it is? you can leave holes in it i know that michael so like at The Crochet Crowd and has all video he shows how to do that and there are some gaps but see how nicely this closes up when i
just pull it i l taunt like that so i pull it & then pull it in like this now i can’t make the loose ones like this and you get these loose knots but it is not
very consistent and if you use one of the new really cool ones that are the
solid colors and you want to be more consistent in your gauge your own knots are
coming so i think that the multi colors do really well in this method this is something that all you want to
do is continue on until you get to the end of your ball. now you can use half a
ball for a small rope scarf or you can use the entire thing I like to use the
entire thing and then when I get dressed so i can
flip the scarf around multiple layers around my neck like a necklace and i can hang it at varying lengths. there are
some rope skirts out there where people will connect them to be all one link & its connected all in one spot but it doesn’t let you have variety and wear it in any what that you want so I like to do it this way and i’ll show some pictures of ones that I’ve made this way and then all you do in the end is you want to cut it pulled it through take your two ends here put them together and you can add some
large beads to the end to make it a little more fashionable and go ahead in tie these pieces together in a
knot and make sure that your tying this part
together in a knot not on top of these slipknots here take that and you can take
your crochet hook and weave them in here and you can make another knot here and
make it a little bit bigger to match your gauge thank you very much for joining me at GoodKnitKisses i hope you’ve enjoyed the rope scarf had a great day and happy
knitting & crochet! bye-bye!

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