Easy Crochet Pom Pom Beanie | Tutorial DIY

so get this started you’re gonna grab
your category 4 yarn make a slipknot then you grab your 5 millimeter hook and
you’re gonna make a chain that comes out to 12 inches once when you have your 12
inches you’re gonna block off the last chain that you made go ahead and chain
up 3 this counts as a double crochet prepare for a double crochet and double
crochet in that chain that we blocked off or the fourth chain from the hook
and then from here go ahead and double crochet once into every loop that we
have once we’re done with our first row double crochet go ahead and chain up 3
and for the remainder of this pattern we’re going to be doing double crochets
but instead of putting it through both loops like we normally do it’s gonna be
double crochets in the back loops only just like that so we get a ridging
effect the ones home we’re done so go ahead and do double crochets in the back
loops only chain up 3 and continue to do that pattern until you get the width
that you need for your hat so I just got finished making the bulk of a beanie and
from one end to the next it is 23 inches and the only thing that we need to do
from here is to connect it all so from here we’re just going to fold it in half
and then we’re just going to since our hook is already in here we’re just gonna
insert our hook into to the other end you know over pull through and then from
here we’re gonna insert our hook into one loop from the first end and then
also into the second and then a single crochet and then you’re going to single
crochet once in both loops although I do once when we’re done connecting both
flaps with single crochet you’re gonna go ahead yarn over and then pull your
yarn through I already went ahead and cut me a little tail because now we’re
going to weave in this tail through one end so that we can pull it tight so that
the beanie closes up so you can do this with your fingers with your hook or the
tapestry needle whatever you have whatever you want to work with I find it
a little bit easier to work with a tapestry you know but since we’re here
we’re just going to insert our hook in through one loop and out the other and
keep weaving it back and worth like that until we get to the end
once when we woven in our tail and we pulled it tight this is what it should
look like and then from here you can just go inside of any loop just to
secure it close for me I like to go across and then I like to go from side
to side just to get a t-shape and then from here go ahead and just cut and tie
once when it’s secure once we finish making the beanie portion I’m going to
go ahead and grab my next color and I’m just gonna do one single crochet border
along the bottom so go ahead and grab your secondary color and then it doesn’t
matter where you stick your hook in I just like to do it where the seam of the
first part is so from here we’re just gonna pull through chain up one to
secure and then one more single crochet and then from here I just like to put
two single crochet into every side double crochet that we have just one row
all the way around and connect with a slip stitch once when you’re done with
your one row of single crochet we can put this portion aside cuz now we’re
gonna work on the pom-pom so in order to do that we’re going to grab a credit
card a gift card is what I have and from here we’re going to grab the color that
we want our pom-pom to be and then lay it over the gift card and from here all
you’re gonna do is hold it in place and then wrap your working yarn around the
gift card and then you’re gonna do this for as much as you like remember the
more you wrap the fluffier your pom poms gonna be itself meet you once so we have
that done so once when you’re done wrapping your gift card a few hundred
times what we’re going to do is grab our working yarn and we are going to cut a
decent amount because that’s what we’re going to use to tie the pom-pom with so
go ahead and just lay that right on top of the working yarn that we have and
from here we’re going to very carefully slide off the yarn that has been wrapped well once when we slid off our work
we’re going to take our yarn that we laid underneath it
then we’re going to tie it in the middle and then we’re going to tie it as tight
as we can we’re going to try it again to secure it then we’re going to tie this
as many times as we need just to make sure that it won’t get messed up once
when we cut the pompom now once when you have something that looks like this
we’re gonna grab our scissors and then on each side of where we tied we’re
going to start cutting so that it can fan out so I’ll go ahead and insert your
scissors and start cutting the folds in half and do this on both sides once when
you’re done cutting we should have something that looks like this and as
you can see we have some stragglers right here so go ahead and cut those and
make sure that it comes out into a nice round pom-pom once we’re done this is
what we should have and then from here all we need to do is attach it onto the
top of our beanie like this so we’re going to grab our tapestry needle and we
are going to put both of these ends that we have through the beanie and once when
I get it through we’re gonna tie it nice and tight well this is gonna be a little
bonus part this is going to be an optional bye I’m gonna add a little
cactus spikes along the body portion of the beanie so we’re going to grab a
different color I’m using the white and then we’re going to add it on to our
tapestry needle and from here we’re going to insert a tapestry needle
anywhere and from here I’m just going to be doing a v-shape that is relatively
small just like that and we’re gonna do this
all the way around for as many times as we want and once when were underneath go
ahead and cut the working yarn and just tie it together and once when you’re
done putting in all of your little cactus spikes this is it thank you so so
much for watching guys I would love to see all your recreations so please tag
me @TCDDIY on both twitter and instagram and don’t forget to like
comment and subscribe and I will see y’all in the next one

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