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Hi Everyone, it’s Olivia from Girlybunches
and I am just going to do a tutorial on how to make this doily today. I have had a few
requests on how to make a doily so I hope you like this one and I hope my tutorial will
make sense. I shall put written instructions down below on what I did and I will write
those down quickly before I forget. Easily done. I hope you will enjoy making it and
let me know how you get on and here is the tutorial. So I will start off with the magic
loop and I will do sixteen trebles into this loop here. I will do chain three to begin
with and then do another fifteen trebles in but that first three chains becomes the first
treble. Just like we did for the baby hat and granny squares. Same principle. I will
write this pattern out and put it in the description down below so you can read what I have done.
There we have sixteen, and as always we just take the tail and pull it and it brings that
round nicely and slip stitch into the top of the chains and there is our first round.
So now we will chain three to represent another treble, but I want to do a treble in each
of the trebles from the row below but I want one chain space between. So I have chained
three and I will do one more, so that is four, to do a space and then just go in with the
treble on the treble from the row below. So that is one chain and then a treble into the
top of the treble from the row below and we just carry on doing that all the way round.
So I am using my computer screen to cast a bit more light on the matter, as it were,
but it keeps going onto “sleep” mode. OK, nearly there and there we go and then just slip stitch
into the top of the first set of three chains to finish off. OK and there we go. That is
the first two rounds done. So now the third round and we will do three more chains to
represent another treble and then we will do two chains extra because I want two chains
between each of the trebles for the next row. So that was five altogether there and we will
ust do our treble into the top of the treble from the row below. So we are not doing anything
different to what we have done before. If you can see that in focus, there we go. So
then two chains and a treble, two chains and a treble
and I will just carry on and I will come back when I get round to here. So I have done that
third row and I have slip stitched into the top of the chains from the row below and what
we dill do next is into each of these spaces we will do four trebles, four trebles and
four trebles. There will be no chains between the trebles and we will just fill in these
gaps all the way round. So I will start by slip stitching into that first space and then
chain three to make our first treble and then I shall do three more trebles and that will
represent four trebles altogether. OK just like that. So with no chain space we will
do another set of four trebles into the next chain space from the row below, like that
and I will continue to do that in all of the chain spaces from the row below. OK I will
come back when I have come back to here. I will just do my last treble into that chain
space and then I can slip stitch into the top of that chain there to finish off the
round. OK looking good so far. Now we will do is start making that decorative edge. So,
I will chain three and then chain three more and then do a treble back into the same space,
where I started out and then go to where that post
is there and I will do a treble in between the stitches
then chain three and make a treble back in that same space there. So it is making its
own space there. So again, where that post would be
do a treble and then chain three and a treble again . So there are four trebles between
each group of treble chain three and another treble
in the same space. I will continue with the round and I will speed it up so that you can
see what I am doing. OK so we are almost at the beginning so I want to recap that we are
doing a treble between the stitches, so I am not going into the stitch, I am just going
between the stitches from the row below, chaining three, doing another treble, in that same
space and then here, I will slip stitch into the third chain of that first group that we
did at the beginning and just pull that round like that. So we have done that round and
we will start the final round which I guess will be petals. I will do a slip stitch into
that three chain space and we will do five half half trebles into
these three chain spaces but I am just doing four on this first one because when we get
back round I will do one more and join it together and it will be neater if we do it
that way. So I will chain two and that will represent our first half treble and then I
shall do three more half trebles and then in this gap here between the groups
I will do a slip stitch like that. OK, so we will do five half trebles in the three
chain space and then just a slip stitch here and that gives it that nice arch there if
you can see that. So again five half trebles in the three chain space from the previous
round and then a slip stitch n that gap there. Five
half trebles in the three chain space, like that and a slip stitch again. So you can see
the edge starting to look really pretty now. So I will carry on all the way round and I
will film it so that you can see it taking shape. OK so we are just going to do our last
lot of half trebles, a slip stitch in between and then one last half treble into that three
chain space and we will slip stitch into the top of the two chains we did to begin with
and there we go. That is the end of the doily. It is finished, so I will just chap that end
off and just pull that through, nice and tight and there we go. That is the doily. You just
need to sew in your two ends, pulling them nice and tight and then sew them in. There
is nothing to stop you from doing each row a different colour, not at all, I do that
quite often and there you go there is your doily. I hope you enjoyed that and I hope
you find it useful. Do have a go and I hope my written instructions will be clear. I am
not really used to writing instructions down so you will have to forgive me if they are
a little bit incoherent. Hopefully the video will make sense. So that you for watching.
Leave me any feedback. Ask me questions and hopefully see you soon. Thanks for watching.

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