Easy Christmas crafts: Mushroom ornament

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. I am going to show you how to make a little
mushroom from an egg carton. The mushroom is an easy project that can be
used in the fall and for Christmas. For one mushroom, you will need to cut a cell
of an egg carton. Begin by separating a cell of the egg carton
with big scissors, and then trim the edge with small scissors to make a little “cup”.
If you choose a rather transparent colour like red, orange, yellow and even blue and
green, start by painting a coat of white paint on the little cup. It prevents the gray
of the egg carton from coming through the paint you have chosen. When the white
paint is dry, paint the mushroom in the colour of your choice. In my case, for this
example, I chose to represent a fly agaric which is very recognizable with its
bright red colour and white dots. To make the white dots on the mushroom, use
the back of your brush and dip it into the white paint and then drop a dot on the
egg carton. Continue this for the other dots. And let dry. To represent the stem of
the mushroom, cut a small rectangle of construction paper. Soften it by rubbing
a pencil in the direction that you want to bend the construction paper. Then form
a tube using white glue. Glue the stem of the mushroom inside the cup with white
glue. To make a Christmas decoration, take a piece of ribbon and make a loop. Then, punch
a hole in the top of the cup with a small pair of sharp scissors or a needle.
Slide the loop through the inside of the cup. To give a festive look to the mushroom,
replace the white dots of paint with glitter. Start by putting dots of white glue
and then sprinkle glitter on the mushroom. And then proceed as for the first
mushroom to glue the stem. To access a free document and a detailed list
of materials and step by step instructions, click on the link below the

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