Double Ended Crochet Hook

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  • Very good video Mikey. This looks quite easy to do. FYI the plastic piece on the circular needles is called a cable or a cord.

  • Yesterday, before I got your email, I pulled my double-ended crochet hook out of my toolbox because I got bored with knitting.  I also have a vintage Cro-hook knitting pamphlet from Boye that is so old that the original price was 40 CENTS!  I love how vintage crafts become popular again and again over time.  I think my crohook is at least 25 years old.  I'm really looking forward to refreshing my crohooking skills.

  • a week or so ago I found a double ended hook at walmart and I was sooo excited!! I'm currently working on a scarf! 😀

  • Nice job Mikey… I have only one thing to say about your work… I think for someone who has never done this before, I think you should have used solid colours for the video cause it's confusing.

  • I have been looking at a inherited double ended crochet hook and a cro-hooking book for the past 10 years and still have yet to figure it out.
    Thank you so much now I totally understand why it looks so neat and why my grandma had it.

  • Mikey, I like the pattern, but found it very hard to follow because of the variegated yarn.Would have been better to use two solid color yarns.

  • would I be able to get these needles at places like JoAnn Fabrics or more like a specific yarn store? I want to try this as well. 

  • So going to try this, wonderful.  I have the same problem with cat hairs Mikey…also because I have long hair i often find I've crochet my hair in there as well!

  • I have a Susan Bate double-ended crochet hook in a size Q (because that was the only kind of Q hook my local Shopko carried), and I had wondered what the purpose of hooks at both ends was.  (I'd heard of Tunisian crochet — but those hooks are typically long single-ended hooks, not double-ended.)  Now I've learned about "cro-hooking" through this video.  I might still use the double-ended Susan Bates Q hook as a "normal" crochet hook (needed an alternative to my plastic Boye Q hook) — but now there's a new technique I can try sometime, which should work up very quickly indeed with a Q hook!

  • Great tutorial! Can someone please tell me the name of the bright, tropical colored variegated yarn? Thanks!

  • Where did you get the circular hooks?  I didn't know anyone was making them any more.  Thanks for the video.  I'm learning to do this.

  • You can get the hooks at Amazon:

  • Mikey you are truly my hero. whenever I see any new crochet stitches I am excited because since I found you those stitches are just not intimidating anymore, because I know that all I have to do is go to mikey and no matter what the stitch there will be instructions with the best tutorials ever and I can not thank you enough Mikey you are like I said earlier my hero.

  • what size hooks  would you need to do a full size blanket . you make it look so easy . i'd love to try it . thank you for all your videos i'm learning alot from you . god bless you

  • Thanks for demonstrating how to cro-knit. I didn't understand it when I read the instructions until I saw you demonstrate it on YouTube. It is the same technique as Tunisian crotchet, but working with 2 yarns.

  • now I want to go get some double ended crochet hooks!  Maybe tomorrow I'll run to shopko so I can try this!!

  • Mikey, I really like your videos I really do. however what made you use yarn that changes color to demonstrate this? I couldn't see what you were doing or figure it out. this forced me to find another video on the subject and I would rather watch you! I hope you are doing well and continuing to make videos. we need more men who knitting and crochet.

  • MIke, I have looked at Jo-Ann's, Michael's, and A.C. Moore for the double-ended crochet hooks with no luck! Do you know of any other stores that might carry them?
    I am located in Southeastern Massachusetts and all I could find were the long (14") Boye Aluminum single-ended afghan hooks.

  • I've bought all of mine on Amazon. Just search for double-ended crochet hook and the size you want. Very reasonable prices, too.

  • Haha I don't have one of this hooks (yet) and I try to make one by taping two of the same size together. No, it did not work. haha But I was able to work along with both of the hooks. Took a little more time to slide my project from one hook to another. haha I am crazy, but really wanted to try this. Now I can get my self a real cro hook. Thanks Mikey for all you do. Is funny how I decided I wanted to research different ways to crochet and there you are making videos of it. It's a great feeling to search for something and your videos are the first to come up. 😀  

  • hi, can i do Tunisian crochet with a crohook?

    Would it be wise to just get a set of crohooks do do croknit and tunisian?

  • Can you make other things? Other than runners, afghans and dish clothes. Can it be used to make hooded scarves or hooded capes? Also, how many loops can be put on the double ended hook? I just got one finally. I hope to go back this weeked and get the other 2 sizes. I have coupons! 😀   I am still looking for the cro-hook thing with the wire in the middle. Any sugestions?

  • I am attempting to Cro-Hook some booties and do not understand the instructions for increasing stitches. Please help! Thank-You!

  • Great video!!  I had lost my instructions to the double ended crochet.  I figure let me see if its on you tube.  What better way to learn is from my favorite guy!!!!  Thanks to you I can start doing this again!!!

  • great tutorial as always Mikey! one question : can I use the same type of stitches here as I do for Tunisian crochet?


  • I learned this at a Fair when I was 16, took me 10 minutes of watching the lady…even entered my second blanket in the fair exhibition hall the following Summer and got 3rd place…:)

  • Oh My Goodness… lol, that's so funny, I was searching on YouTube for how to use the double hooked crochet hooks and saw some, then I look on the YouTube Home spot, and I see your video on that, I didn't know you knew how to do that… but glad that you do, I love all your videos on how to crochet projects, and this one you made look so easy!! Thank You Mikey for this one!! I'll try this and I'll be looking for those double hooks at Michael's store, I believe I saw someone's comment on that on another video! 👍😃

  • Mikey, I know this video is older.. but.. how could I use CroHooking to create a headband or a cowl? I guess what I need to know is how to calculate yarn needs and if not working in the round then some general ideas on these two projects with CroHooking. Thoughts?

  • I had no issues following along with 2 variegated yarns… in fact, it was quite unique to see that!! Great tutorial, and thank you! (I have cat hair issues at times, too…)

  • Thank god for Mikey! I treated myself to a double-ended hook for Boxing Day and want to make something cool and unique…

  • you are good n what you teach. and you are not afraid to admit when you made a mistake. Your laughter cracks me up and I have to laugh along with you. Keep up the good work.

  • THANKS for this tutorial!! I now feel as though I can give this a shot.
    As far as the cat fur … I have so much fur floating around here I’m tempted to spin it into yarn!!! Haaaaaa Haaaaaa!! 😻

  • Does this stitch pattern works only with Cro-hook instead of Tunisian hook? In order to receive the reversible pattern with two different color yarns?

  • Do I have to pick up the back stitches can I pick up the usual stitches or will it throw off the rows?

  • Will have to watch couple of times. Found it somewhat confusing. Not Mikey’s teaching, how my brain is working. Lol

  • Hi Mikey , first I want to thank you for your tutorials they are great and I have learned a lot from them.
    Second I was wondering if we can do the hound tooth stitch with this technique.
    Can you show us a video for that. Thank you

  • I had one of these in a kit that didn’t even involve crochet and I never knew what to do with it. So, thank you for explaining what to use it for and the difference. Thx!

  • I just bought a pair of "Swivel Hooks Crochet on The Double". It is double ended crochet hooks attached by a plastic cord. I bought them here

  • The book has you going between the verticles which gave a heavy ribbed look like knitting. Confusing which is the correct look

  • In my experience tight stitches make very unhygeinic dish cloths. Thendenris doesnt wash out easily and they dont ever seem to dry out so they harbour bacteria and breed mold very quickly.

  • Nice job🐾 Now, I will make purse using this technique. Thank you for your clear instructions. 🍀Happy crocheting💝

  • I know this is an older video, but I just bought a double crochet afghan hook from hobby lobby for 4.15 on sale. Thank you for this tutorial it's been a great help in understanding on how to use my new hook

  • Thank you Mikey for this tutorial. I like how you always give such easy to follow instructions. Thank you for helping me to remember how to work this double end crochet hook pattern

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