Doing my sisters BOX BRAIDS for the first time BAD IDEA

Okay, guys Make sure that you do not skip this video because I’m gonna be giving off some really good techniques on how to do the hair and if you skip it you might miss Know we can’t really yell because we’re in that hair, but John no return it do it We’re getting hair so I can do is um beyoncé Style Brady have it up here somewhere, man Yes, she’s on the chair that she did the whatever it’s $25, but we don’t be wearing that cheese. So we’d be wearing this you talk about only way that bone Here, I’ll show you how to hear that. I’m probably gonna be getting for kayo-san You don’t want to get this one cuz this one so long Should I get this one? Yeah, I think the world is like this This one’s 30. Yeah, I wanna get this So yeah we’re gonna get the 58 inch and I’m gonna try so hard so I can wear this to school being out there stuff where we found out go Know you supposed to wrap. Okay. Let’s go we leave in art this stuff where we stand up go. We say my job Hey, we can I go huh? Where? Let your card We have to PAH and then we also have Yo-yo, so we’re gonna get started and we’re gonna be doing that beat arts and style birds on a kayak hair So let’s get started. Hey y’all so I just got done watching requires hair and it’s drunk because we have shrinkage which Comes from us having 4c hair and that means that our hair gets really really short whenever it touches water. And yeah probably wondering why I’m not even using the call for her head is Because I could have found one and I was just trying to part her hair middle and stuff But yeah So I’m doing right now is I’m just trying to part it as straight as possible And what you want to do for this method is do the feet in Right method so it can look cleaner and I’m prettier Hey guys Make sure that you do not skip this video because I’m gonna be giving off some really good techniques on how to do the hair and if you skip it you might miss that That thing I’m going to show you to be able to do the hair properly and right So make sure y’all watch the video all the way and this is just me Separating the hair into on parts so I can braid it Hey y’all. So now we are gonna start doing the braid and just showing y’all Um how big the hair needs to be for the first part? Whenever you are first adding the herring and now I’m just gonna go in with the oil and put it all through her hair So her hair can be moisturizing. It can be shiny and it can just come out better overall So I’m just rubbing it in as um as cleanly as I can and all over her hair Make sure you get the inch tool you don’t want to miss that And you wanna take the hair and start braiding? Okay, y’all, so y’all see this part other braid right here and so what you wanna do next is you take a good hand out will take you good hands out and you want to take some of the weave You want to add it when a group at the bottom and then the middle piece you put the hair with? You just transition it over like that You’ll see how I did that And then you just start that braiding and you can’t even tell that the weave is in the hair Hey also, we have one braid by water as hot water right here I tried to get it in on Bob, but I didn’t want it to go through So that’s what we’re just gonna be using this. Yeah, we’re gonna be doing it to do a hair. So, how you doing? Just put it in there I’m going to leave it in there and let’s add excellent all of them because we just have six so Don’t really touch it Okay. Yeah, it’s so hot. I can like fill it from right here. So we added all the hair in there Now we’re gonna take it out get the towel Yeah, so I’m gonna tell up once and then I’m going to take the hair up Does it hurt it’s just really hot. Oh Yeah, we just put it in Yeah, I ain’t even worried. No, I don’t Worry, but it’s fine. No, it’s still fine All right you guys so she’s done and now we’re gonna show you what the braids look like we end up finishing Pretty tight. She looks ugly with them, you know, so cause it’s an hour long you guys I’m gonna show you guys foot up The chair so this is um what it looks like in the front and in the back yard It’s so long So that’s what it looks like Thank you guys so much for watching make sure you like subscribe and comment down below that sushi do fried eggs and video and Peace out cells if you like this give this a big thumbs up if you have hair And give a big thumbs up if you have here so Bye

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