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Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today
I’m going to show you how to make a yarn wig. You don’t need to knit or crochet with this
project. To view this video in other languages, just click on the closed caption link on YouTube
and turn on subtitles. From there you can choose from over 100 languages. For the white
wig, you’ll need some yarn. About 250 to 350 yards of worsted weight white yarn. And you’ll
need a crochet hook either a size F, G or H. You can also use a Rainbow Loom hook instead.
Finally you’ll need a plain hat. You can make your own, or just buy an inexpensive one at
the store like I did. You’ll need a hat that has some holes in it, so that you can easily
stick the hook through. I’m going to use my glass head to work on, but you can use a vase,
a balloon, or even an upside down bowl. Try the hat on the person who will be using the
wig. You might need to fold up the brim a bit. Next you will be using some scissors
to cut the yarn into about 75-inch strips. I cut about 144 strips. You might need more
or less depending upon your head size. It’s time to begin. Take 4 strands of yarn and
line them up together. Then fold the 4 strands in half. It forms a loop part on top. Take
your hook, and insert it into the hat, along the edging of the brim. Grab the 4 loop strands,
and pull them through the hat. Make sure all of them go through. Then grab your loop, and
pull the other end of the strands through the loop. Tighten the knot that is formed.
Repeat this process. Grab 4 yarn strands. Fold the strands in half. And pinch so the
middle part forms a loop. Take your hook again and insert it into the hat, along the edging
by your forehead. Use your fingers to pull the loop, then pull the other ends through
this loop. Pull to tighten. There is no exact measurement for spacing these knots. Just
use your judgment. Now I’m showing a loop on the other side of that starting knot. Continue
working knots all along the edge of the brim on both the right and left side of the hat.
Here you can see what I have done. I made about 36 knots around. I left an opening in
the back with no knots, since my yarn is rather thick and the other strands will easily cover
this area. I’m putting the hat back on the head, with the plain section in the back.
Then I like to take each knotted group, starting from the front of the forehead, and smooth
the yarn over the top of the hat. I’m also straightening the strands as I go. Once you
get a good portion of the top of the head covered, you can take a brush and gently brush
the strands a bit to straighten them out. You don’t have to, but I like to take a hot
glue gun, and just apply a thin line of glue underneath these strands to help hold them
down. This helps keep the strands in place a bit when we braid the wig in a few moments.
Be careful so you do not get burned. Once the top is completed, turn things to one side,
and repeat the process of pulling each knotted strand upwards. And you can smooth things
out with a brush again to help straighten the yarn. You can see what it looks like once
completed. Do this process for both sides. After both sides are done, turn your head
towards the back. It is time to start braiding the yarn strands. I’m going to start off with
a french braid, but you can just do a traditional braid if you want to instead. First I’m dividing
a small section of the hair into 3 sections, then starting the braid. If this is too complicated,
you can just do a regular braid, or even just a pony tail in the back. If you find the braid
is getting too thick, you start over by unraveling the braid, then take your scissors and cut
off and taper some of the yarn strands from the middle section. Just blend in the shorter
ends with the braid. Also if your braid is too thick, you might want to remove some of
the knotted strands, starting from the back. And if your braid isn’t thick enough, you
might need to add some more knotted strands in the back. Once you are finished, take a
piece of scrap yarn and tie and knot the end of the braid so it doesn’t unravel. Then take
your scissors and trim any excess yarn. Next, you can also add some wispy bangs if you wish.
Take about 20 strands of 24 inch strips. Fold 4 strands in half as we did before, then place
them slightly underneath the brim, and tie your knot like we did before. You can add
many or just a little. With the bangs, I like to add a small dot of glue to the ends to
hold them in place. And now we’ll move on to the red wig. I cut 100 strands of yarn,
each that were 60 inches long. We’re going to use a similar process to the white wig.
Take 4 strands, and fold the yarn in half. This time we’re going to insert our hook into
the top of the hat, grab the loop, and pull it through. This time, we’re going to separate
the strands. Four are going to go on the left and the remaining four will go on the right.
Repeat this process, this time a little bit below our starting knot. As you can see, I
take the strands and divide them – half on one side and half on the other. By the way,
you can find the written pattern on my website Here are the finished knotted
strands. I did a straight line going from our starting point to the front of the forehead
section, then another straight line going towards the back of the head. After doing
this, I like to take each knotted set of strands, and slowly go through them to ensure I divided
it correctly on the right and left side. This will help ensure that part down the center
is nice and straight. Oh I can’t forget that white streak. If you have some white yarn,
you can add it before you begin braiding the hair. You can take a brush and gently comb
the yarn hair to smooth it out a bit. And as with the white wig, I like to add a little
bit of hot glue here and there to hold down some of the yarn. As always be careful using
the glue because it is very hot. You can add some bangs if you wish as well. I am taking
a few strands of 12 inch yarn, in groups of 4 as before, and adding them to the front
of the head. I am putting the next knot alongside of it, working horizontally instead of vertically
like we did for the center part. Comb the bangs again, and use your scissors to trim
them to your liking. The nice thing is with yarn is if you make a mistake and cut the
bangs too short, just take the knots out and start over again. You can add some hot glue
if you wish. Now it is time to braid the sides of the hair. With this wig I am doing just
a traditional braid. And as before take a scrap piece of yarn and tie and knot it around
the end of the braid so it doesn’t unravel. Feel free to use regular hair elastics if
you wish instead. Trim any excess yarn ends. And here is the finished wig. I hope this
video has helped you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Check out the description
of this video for more information. And please visit for more tips and tricks
on creative, self-sufficient living.

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