DIY: The survival gorge fishing hook! Free and easy to make in the outdoors!

Hey guys, Ultralight here from,
and today I’m going to show you how to make the Gorge hook, A primitive fishing tool,
or fishing hook. And what you’ll need it simply a pocket knife, and a branch. And this can
be either off of the ground or straight off of the tree, which I recommend. It can be
really any type of wood although birch wood I’ve heard is best. -fade- Alright so I’m
just going to take this branch, and over here – move
to stone – , I’m going to cut this part off, strip the leaves off of it, and take the bark
off. – fade- Alright, so I stripped the bark off of the wood here, and I like this wood,
it’s pretty nice. So now we’re going to cut the length of what we need for the gorge fishing
hook. The average length that your going to make this is the length of the average mans
pinky finger, or about the length of my ring finger here. So that would be about here,
– points to spot – and the size varies depending on what size you imagine the fish you are
going to catch to be. Alright, so, I’m going to use my knife and a rock to do this, (it’s
sad sometimes when you don’t have three hands) – fumbles with camera, knife, and stone – but,
let’s try this… – hits knife with rock – Ok. I’m going to have to pause the video recorder,
and I’ll cut it and be right back. – fade –
ok guys, so I’ve cut it to about the length of my ring finger here, I switched to a different
nicer rock, And what we’re going to do now is simply take our pocket knife and sharpen
the gorge hook. So I’ll go ahead and do that and I’ll be right back. – fade – Ok guys,
so you can see that I’ve sharpened the ends here, don’t make too many gorge hooks or it
will really dull up your knife if the wood is thick enough. But now we’re going to do
the last step of making this, and that would be to hit our knife with a stone and make
a notch all the way around the middle of the gorge hook. So once again, I’ll do that and
I’ll be right back. – fade – Alright guys, I made the notch all the way around the middle,
and that would hold your fishing line. You can make the notch bigger or smaller depending
on how thick you fishing line is. But that’s it guys! We now have our gorge hook, and what
you would do to bait this is you’d get two worms to cover up each side of the fishing
hook with the fishing line tied in the notch at the middle of the hook. You need to hide
the hook as much as possible. If you look up gorge hook here on youtube,
intenseangler has a video demonstrating using the hook to catch a fish and how to make it,
although I got this from another source of information.
I’m ultralight from, be sure to stay light and enjoy the outdoors, and
I’ll see ya later guys!

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