DIY Paper Basket : How to Make Easy Accordion Paper Basket for Chocolates | Christmas Gift Basket

DIY Paper Basket : How to Make Easy Accordion Paper Basket. Things You Need… Cardboard, Pink colored craft paper, scissors, glue, pencil, ruler, White Paper, Golden Beads and pearls, Glue gun and glue sticks. Lets start by taking A4 sized cardboard colored paper. Fold and cut the paper in half lengthwise. We need 6 such pieces. Fold the color paper to make accordion as shown. Make 6 such accordion paper pieces. Paste these accordion pieces together using craft glue as shown. You will get a long accordion paper stripe like this. Now, paste the two ends of the accordion together as shown. You will get a circular shaped accordion paper. Now, take a waste cardboard piece and cut a circular shape out of it. Next, take a color paper measuring 14x14cm. Put the base on the paper and mark the outline. Make small cuts on the paper as shown. Now, apply craft glue. Put the cardboard base at the center and wrap it with color paper. Your cardboard base is now ready. Now, give the basket shape to the accordion and stick it onto the cardboard base. Use glue gun to stick the basket on the base. Your beautiful paper basket is taking shape now! Now, lets make handle for our basket. For this, take a cardboard strip measuring 2 cm wide. Cut the cardboard stripe into two pieces. Cut the long stripe of color paper measuring 4 cm wide. Cut the paper carefully. Paste the two paper stripes together. Wrap the cardboard strip using color paper strip to make a handle of the basket as shown. You paper basket handle is ready. Now, paste this handle on the paper basket. Your easy paper basket has started looking more beautiful! Why not make some paper flowers to decorate the paper basket? So cut the white paper piece measuring 4.5 x 4.5 cm. Cut the square piece carefully. Similarly, cut another square piece measuring 5.5 x 5.5 cm You have 9 pieces of small square and 3 pieces of large square. Now, fold the paper in half two times as shown. Now, fold it in triangular shape. Draw a leaf shape design and cut it. Unfold the paper piece and you will get a beautiful paper flower like shape. Make such multiple paper flowers. Paste these paper flowers on the handle of the paper basket. Fold the paper flower from the middle and paste it at the bottom of the paper basket. Now, decorate our easy DIY paper basket with pearls and beads. Decorate it further from inside as well. Stick few beads on the outer side of the base. Sticking white pearls on the outer surface of paper basket will further enhance its beauty. Stick few pearls on the inner surface as well. WOW! Your beautiful accordion paper basket is now ready. You can use this easy DIY paper craft as a gift.

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